Website, Cinzano and sensual, fantasy training

The WordPress website training I went on at Oxford Circus was just fantastic!  Toby talked through installation, plug-ins, widgets and all webby things with ease, and by the end of the day I felt confident to go home and create my new site. So here it is!!!  What do you think?  (You can tell me below… I wonder who will be first to leave a comment? Or click on the FB like… or share??)  I really hope you like it!!  Completely different to my old site – it’s all changed…

Actually, I don’t like change.  This was evidenced when I arrived at the airport and realised I’d forgotten to pack my sunglasses.  I headed straight for the Ray-Ban counter and plucked the first pair of black wayfarers from the wall display.  They replace my pink and turquoise pair – which I still love, but are scratched – the result of Ben sneaking out the house in them and not bothering to stick them back in their case.  So much for buying pink in the misguided idea that none of the males in my house would steal them.  It still makes me smile to remember my first black wayfarers, back in ’89.  Amongst the pile of regular, dreary post that plopped onto the mat in Kingswood Road, I noticed a small brown box addressed to Cinzano.  She was a beautiful cat (remember her, Deedub??) – pure white and angelic looking, but vicious, quite possibly the most spiteful cat of our generation.  Anyway, as she didn’t have opposable thumbs I opened the box, and was delighted to find a pair of black Ray-Bans!!  An enclosed slip claimed that she had collected the required number of cigarette tokens and hoped she would enjoy her new B&Ls.  Curious!  Obviously Cinzano didn’t need them – cats only wear sunglasses in cartoons, so I swished up my hair and whipped them on.  I never actually considered the logistics of it, however strange it seemed at the time – the cat definitely didn’t smoke, so really couldn’t have collected tokens.  She also – to my knowledge – couldn’t read, so how would she have filled in the application form?  And let’s face it, would you have questioned the cat’s integrity?  Anyway, I sported them happily for a good few summers before swapping them in for a gold pair, red ones and, I think, tortoiseshell – even flirting briefly with some Oakleys – but here I am, again… Plain black classic wayfarers – we’ve come full circle and the world is alright again.

Interesting to note that when I Googled my own company to check out how well my SEO was working (good, thankfully – I currently dominate the top five spots), the entry below mine came up as ‘Sensual-imaginative training…’  Well, excuse me!!  Someone’s offering mood, physical sensation and fantasy work for – believe it or not – med students.  As you know, I am happy to provide any type of training, although Steven might have something to say about me offering physical sensation and fantasy, at any cost… 

I never saw Earth Wind and Fire, but I think Gill did (Paradise Lost at Watford?) and I was jealous…  “As you glide in your stride, with the wind as you fly away, give a smile from your lips and say: Are you free, yes I’m free, and I’m on my way.”  Fly with me… @WeekendWitch


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