Everyone wants to be on page one of Google!  When we write, we consider the search engines but, more importantly, we think about your customers.  We get you the results you seek in a persuasive, effective and credible way – yet without appearing unnatural and forced. 

Website content
We can make your website funny and original, whilst getting your message across and encouraging people to visit your site, and come back for more! 
To ensure you get the number of hits you need to put your business on the map – and keep it there – we can write your web content using ‘ethical SEO’ techniques. This means that by capitalizing on your relevant keywords and writing the text in an eloquent and reader-friendly way, we can help to raise your search engine status.  This, in turn, generates a greater number of hits to your site and less traffic bounce.

Blogging is an important element of your social media!  It keeps your website fresh and engaging, and keeps your competitors on their toes! 
We create blogs for businesses all over the world – amusing, inventive and personal.  Get your message across to a wide audience, incorporating effective tags and keywords (businesses terms that are important for your customers to find your company on-line).

Press releases
Market your business effectively to create interest in what you do! 
Your press releases can usually be turned around within 24 hours.  Tell us what you need; we’ll come up with the goods.  We’ve written copy for all types of clients – from huge government departments and national accountancy firms, to artists on the other side of globe and international TV celebrities.

General copywriting in plain English
We can edit your documents to ensure they’re jargon-free and suitable for the people who will read them, whether that’s your clients, or even colleagues from other areas of your own organisation. Correct, professional documents increase your credibility and aid effective communication, so we review them for content, structure, style and general layout.  There’s a whole page of info here…

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