Plain English writing and editing

We can help you to capitalize on your business by increasing the clarity, professionalism and impact of all your written communications – website content, press releases, blogs, letters, reports and business plans. 

We can edit your documents to ensure they’re jargon-free and suitable for the people who will read them, whether that’s your clients, or even colleagues from other areas of your own organisation. Correct, professional documents increase your credibility and aid effective communication, so we review them for content, structure, style and general layout.

Our copywriting skills include:

  • Writing
  • Rewriting and refreshing
  • Editing and restructuring
  • Condensing and expanding
  • Improving the tone of voice

Customer focused
When we edit or write anything for you, we read from your customer’s point of view, advising objectively on points such as:

  • offensive, insensitive or harsh wording
  • the inclusion of jargon and technical terms
  • unnecessary words or phrases
  • poor layout

Cost effective
By re-drafting into plain English, offering constructive advice and removing jargon:

  • we can reduce documents to a fraction of their original size, saving on paper, ink, print and postage costs
  • you reduce the amount of time spent explaining documents that are not clear to begin with 
  • you may get business from new clients who couldn’t understand your business in the past

Environmentally friendly
Less text means less paper – fewer trees are needed, and there is less wastage.

And… by training your employees to write more effectively in plain English, we can help you to improve customer service and quality standards. Our most popular training workshop:   Plain English business writing skills


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