Corporate branding, inappropriate behaviour and following the dream

A weird thing came over me on Tuesday: I had a sudden urge to clear out my wardrobes in the middle of my working day.  Trancelike, I climbed the stairs.  Then, like a woman possessed, I began a three hour tirade of climbing up and down the step ladder and chucking stuff around the room.  Amongst the treasures I recovered from the wardrobe tops was a bag of Steven’s old press cuttings.

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Original press releases

I married a child actor thinking I’d live the celebrity lifestyle.  Of course, he wasn’t a child when we met – behaves like it sometimes though!  [Read more…]

Website hackers, designers and beautiful models

If you’ve ever been the victim of a website hacker, you’ll know first-hand how devastating it can be to a business owner.  On Tuesday my site was hacked into by, apparently, an Indonesian woman who does this for fun. This insidious violation took place while I was chatting away quite happily on Twitter, oblivious to the fact that my lovingly built website was crashing down behind my laptop screen.

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I’m sure it wasn’t this lovely lady, but maybe she knows her?

I imagine her sitting cross legged in her village in the shadow of the Borobudur Temple, this woman, tap tapping away and laughing her Cruella laugh as she ravages yet another small business.  Or maybe she causes misery and costly clean-up exercises to countless innocent victims from the sophisticated Skye Bar on the 56th floor of Jakarta’s landmark Menara Building, sipping her Mai Tai and nibbling olives or tofu fingers or whatever it is she’s likely to be nibbling.  I’ll never know; I need to stop caring about it. [Read more…]

Facebook paid ads, the luck of The Human League and emails you don’t want clients to see

The last few days seem to have revolved around a reliance on social media.  I had a very cultured week, with visits to the Royal Albert Hall and National Gallery.  Well, Albert Hall maybe not quite so cultured – The Human League concert, but it was such fun!!  We found out about it through a Facebook social media paid ad.  I must admit that I usually ignore them, but this one caught my eye, and it obviously worked for them: we bought tickets!  Gill always manages to get us seats where there’s loads of room to dance and we came home with sore throats, amazingly having remembered all the words. [Read more…]

Website, Cinzano and sensual, fantasy training

The WordPress website training I went on at Oxford Circus was just fantastic!  Toby talked through installation, plug-ins, widgets and all webby things with ease, and by the end of the day I felt confident to go home and create my new site. So here it is!!!  What do you think?  (You can tell me below… I wonder who will be first to leave a comment? Or click on the FB like… or share??)  I really hope you like it!!  Completely different to my old site – it’s all changed…

Actually, I don’t like change.  This was evidenced when I arrived at the airport and realised I’d forgotten to pack my sunglasses.  I headed straight for the Ray-Ban counter and plucked the first pair of black wayfarers from the wall display. [Read more…]

WordPress moderation, airport strikes and sun-kissed skin, so hot…

So I arrived home from four days away to be greeted by 342 unopened emails.  I had, of course, replied to the most important things while I was lazing by pool, and checked to see if anyone had emailed interesting stories to keep me amused while I assaulted my fair skin with ultraviolet rays that, it turned out, offered considerably more burn factor than vitamin D.  Lots of news from my LinkedIn groups, new networked friends, invitations to meet for lunch (yaay!) and pampering (double yaay!!). [Read more…]