Saving a prayer, naming and shaming and a new cinema experience

I didn’t see Duran Duran live in the eighties, and can’t for the life of me think why.  We saw The Thompson Twins at least three times, Simply Red, Madonna, Queen, UB40 – all the major music players of the decade, but not Birmingham’s finest.  So it was a treat to catch them live at the O2 last week; still fabulous, if a little less boyband and a tad more ‘trendy dad.’

They’ve kept the boyish charm though, although I think I’d pass on the opportunity to smother my bedroom wall with images of John Taylor in his trademark fedora.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI hadn’t realised until that night that Eagles of Death Metal’s cover of Save a Prayer is the official song of the Paris appeal.  How amazing to see a sea of 40,000 waving lights filling the arena in memory of the tragic victims of the atrocity.  (Sign of the times – we used to wave lighters in the 80s, now it’s mobile phone torches!)

This has been a busy week for eating again, with lovely meals at Sheesh, Smiths of Wapping and retro TGIs, various cakes in trendy cafés and corporate events with wine.  I did my stuff on Thursday for a venue hire organisation in Cheapside (where they kindly gave me a client goody bag that included a mince pie to munch on the train home).

They provided a wonderful buffet which I mostly kept away from, due to anticipation of a networking event in the evening.  However, the Christmas networking provided – you won’t believe this – NO FOOD!  I’m not naming and shaming as I’m a fully paid up member, but I only stayed an hour then left, a slave to my hunger pangs.  Luckily I had the mince pie in my bag…

I used my time there to chat to a couple of business friends, then bumped in to someone I have tweeted with for a couple of years on behalf of one of my social media management clients.  We’d never met before, but we have now – and I’m organising a meeting between him and my accountant clients for the new year.  It’s all about building relationships, right?

Thanks to Mark and the team at Nordens for inviting me to the firm’s end of year party on Friday.  Fab evening, as always – with (again!) great food, wonderful company and lots of fun.  Congrats to the members of staff who won prizes in the company’s annual awards – which included prizes for digging your own grave, going the extra mile for clients and being a diva.  Very funny and entertaining.

Another meal that was entertaining and generally outstanding was Saturday night’s dinner at the Lounge Cinema in Whiteleys at Queensway.  This was a whole new experience for me! We shared a platter of sushi, duck spring rolls, burgers, lamb things on sticks, dips and the best chips ever.  Too full up to move we lay back in our reclining leather seats and summonsed the waiter using the call button, just like on a plane.  Ten minutes later he reappeared with a glass of rosé and a caramelised banana split that defies imagination.  Smothered in whipped cream and chocolate ice cream, with an array of fruits and drizzled in mango sauce, this was a visual treat that beat the film itself.  Apologies to Tom Hanks, but honestly – the dessert and the ambience makes it a place to spend a Saturday night, for sure!

I’m not sure what the Save a Prayer royalty money’s being used for in Paris; Simon le Bon was a bit vague at that point and maybe a decision hasn’t yet been made.  But anyway, ‘Feel the breeze deep on the inside, look you down into your well.  If you can, you’ll see the world in all his fire.  Take a chance like all dreamers, can’t find another way.  You don’t have to dream it all, just live a day.’

There’s always another way.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… Follow your dreams.  Maybe also follow me… @WeekendWitch.

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