Sad songs, happy days and so you win again

It’s always a pleasure to write a winning award application, as the clients I work with are awesome and I totally believe in the services they provide. So I can write from the heart, with passion and, of course, knowledge.

18485663_10208699780441789_90201385747404553_nNordens, the fabulous accountancy firm that I always recommend, won yet another gong this week: ICAEW’s Accountancy Firm of the Year (Essex). It’s the Chartered Institute of Accountants for England and Wales, so it’s a pretty big deal.  They’ve won it before, along with various other prestigious accolades, including the British Accountancy Awards Practice of the Year for London.

I joined the team for a black-tie dinner at Stock Brook Manor Country Club. There was no dancing, but a lot of champagne and surprisingly delicious pork belly – which I’ve always steered well clear of, but my son highly recommends – so I tried it, and now I’m a convert.

18556413_1460548417342827_1240640762771653331_nWe spent the following day on a trip to Ramsgate, a small Victorian seaside town in Kent. Another lovely meal followed our walk along the beach (with brollies). Again, there was no dancing, although I was one of the first up for the coach karaoke on the way back to London. Sharon and I have a long history of duets, so we sang a couple of ‘popular numbers’ together – not our usual repertoire of 1970’s cheerful hits: Billy, don’t be a hero and Seasons in the sun. (For some reason we always sang really sad songs about people dying!!?!)

Back at the office, Nordens have displayed their latest trophy along with their many other shiny, crystal awards. I don’t have an awards table in my own office. My recent CEO of the Year Award sits alongside my Inspirational Woman trophy on a bookcase filled with art books. My collection of social media and business books are nestled onto a shelf on another bookcase (you can get some of the them here) next to trusty dictionaries and thesauruses that were staple tools of my Plain English Business Writing before the Internet made everything available without the need to reach out even a glossily painted fingertip to grab a book.

IMG_0597The bookcases overlook a garden that’s disgracefully full of weeds. I’m slowly cultivating a beautiful outdoor space but it takes time. I’d really prefer a garden like the one I visited yesterday at Ayot St Lawrence’s Manor House. The Tudor property is my dream home, set in my dream garden – complete with azure pool (now I can swim!), tennis court (it’s been a long time), an orchard, vegetable gardens and the most exquisite displays of flowers all around.

When I got home I googled to find out who lives in such a glorious home.  Such a small world – the first people I spoke to about the garden said, “Oh yes, they’re our friends. They used to live next door!” Now, I’m not normally an envious person, and I don’t hashtag anything unless it’s in the appropriate place (Twitter, where relevant and useful, and Instagram, where expected) – however, just for today… #jealous.

This is the Terry Jacks song I was talking about earlier; please note that I didn’t choose the lyrics ‘too much wine and too much song’ even though they are probably more appropriate this week! “You gave me love and helped me find the sun., and every time that I was down you would always come around, and get my feet back on the ground.”

I can help you get your business feet on the ground, if that’s what you need – or I can help you spread your wings and fly. Without social media, who knows you’re there? (Are you there??) I’m here: @WeekendWitch.


Seasons in the sun: Writer: Brel, JR, Copyright: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Carlin America Inc.

Bread Ahead, social media in Richmond and a magical mystery tour

I seem to be doing a lot of extra-curricular activities lately.  You probably know about my life drawing classes already as I’ve been banging on about them a bit – but I’m proud of my progress, so why not?! It’s not only loads of fun; it’s main benefit is that it gives me a couple of hours to completely switch off.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingThere’s no room to focus on anything other than the naked man in front of me, and learning to draw in proportion with perspective, shading and toning, and everything else technical or intuitively is evading me slightly.  But it’s clearing my mind in the same way meditation does, but with new friends, learning new skills and bananas!

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywriting

I made this!!

Aside from that, I loved my afternoon learning to make Italian breads. Bread Ahead in Borough Market runs half day classes that are such fun.  We made focaccia, ciabatta and rosemary breadsticks – usually a two-day process but squished down into a three hours and perfectly delicious nonetheless!! Next up is pasta-making on a boat…


I saw plenty of boats on Wednesday while wandering along the riverbank in Richmond. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, and only an hour and a half’s train ride from my office, but I’d never been before.  I was giving a talk to a networking group that meets every quarter, the brainchild of my client Andrew – an author whose short stories will be available to buy in a few weeks. I’m helping with his website creation and social media, so I’ll be letting you know when you can buy the saucy stories.

Friday saw an adventure unfold in an even more beautiful part of the country, when my accountant clients took me on a magical mystery day trip!!  After a four-hour coach trip full of laughter, banter, games and just a little (?) beer, we arrived in historic Bath, one of my most favourite places.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingA comedy tour guide showed us around the city’s highlights, followed by a delicious lunch, wander through the town and a final hour chatting in a cocktail bar while enjoying a White Russian in a purple crystal glass.


I’m on holiday now for a few days, hooray!!!  Back midweek, and Marion is on hand for any social media marketing queries.  Ben and Joey are keeping things running smoothly at home – although their version of smoothly may be far removed from mine…

Couldn’t think of any suitable songs about bread, but the group of the same name are one of my all-time favourites for lying in the bath (not Bath) with candles burning and a nice (I want to say glass of wine, but…) hot chocolate.  “Baby, you know that dreams: they’re for those who sleep; life is for us to keep. And if I chose the one I’d like to help me through… I’d like to make it with you.”

I’d like to make a nice social media strategy with you.  Call me if you fancy doing that, or ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Photo credit for art class:  Basia Zieniewicz for East London Life Drawing

Social media shopping, voting for a hero and a sparkly-eyed boy

The nominations are open for the Soldiering On People’s Choice Award.  I’ve worked with this amazing charity for three years, and the people I’ve met have been exceptional, inspirational and damn nice folks.  I’d had little involvement in, or knowledge of, military matters before I was introduced to the founders of Soldiering On.  The work I’ve subsequently been involved in has opened up my eyes to a world I’d previously seen only in passing, as I flicked through my newspaper on the crowded tube on my way to a gallery or networking lunch or cream-fuelled afternoon tea.

The men and women who fight for our safety don’t get the recognition they deserve – even less so for those that are injured in the line of duty. The Soldiering On Awards recognise and celebrate those people (and animals!), casting them into the limelight to raise awareness of their achievements and any charities that have supported them along the way.  If you can spare a few minutes while you sip your macchiato, please read these stories and vote for the nominee you’d like to see honoured at this year’s award ceremony.  Thank you.  By the way, Jeremy Vine is hosting this year.  He may or may not be dancing; I honestly couldn’t say – and I can’t yet reveal who the entertainment will be.  But it will be a fantastic night if you fancy putting on your glad rags and joining me!

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI’ve started an Amazon shop!  It currently contains a range of books on social media, and I’ll be adding others relating to plain English business writing and time management soon.  I think I’m one of the few women I know that hates shopping.  Traipsing around stores, either liking nothing or becoming so overwhelmed by the choice that I have to clear my head with a large slice of chocolate cake – it’s all too much.

Bookshops, however, are the exception.  I’ve spent many a happy hour in my favourite one in Holborn, browsing the art section, leafing through everything in the esoteric corner and glimpsing (but not buying) mouth-watering recipe books.  So an on-line book shop suits me, and I’m happy to be sharing tools to help you get started.

I attended a business meeting last week that impressed me more than you could ever imagine.  My accountants recommended me to one of their clients – and he turned out to be someone who’d played in my garden as a small child!  Avi is now a successful and respected web designer with a digital agency operating out of Shoreditch.  Yet I remember him as a sparkly-eyed five-year-old who played football with Ben after school.  It’s going to be fun working together!

I finally got to see Sunny Afternoon, the west end show about the Kinks’ early footsteps then later leaps into the music world.  Fab show – highly recommended; people were dancing in the aisles.  I quoted the Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset two weeks ago, before getting the show tickets, so wasn’t sure whether to quote them again today – but I love this. I knew it as a Pretenders’ track so I’m sharing that video rather than Ray Davies’ version.  Anyway, I’ve met Chrissie Hynde and not Mr Davies, although my friend Sue danced with him at the Ilford Palais for the Come Dancing video in 1982. But my ex-boyfriend Brian’s friend Nick inspired Brass in Pocket, and that story is one of my all-time favourites, so I’m going with this…

‘When I look up from my pillow I dream you are there, with me.  Though you are far away I know you’ll always be near to me.  I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you’re there with me.’

I could be there with you.  Otherwise I’ll be here, like always: @WeekendWitch.

Saving a prayer, naming and shaming and a new cinema experience

I didn’t see Duran Duran live in the eighties, and can’t for the life of me think why.  We saw The Thompson Twins at least three times, Simply Red, Madonna, Queen, UB40 – all the major music players of the decade, but not Birmingham’s finest.  So it was a treat to catch them live at the O2 last week; still fabulous, if a little less boyband and a tad more ‘trendy dad.’

They’ve kept the boyish charm though, although I think I’d pass on the opportunity to smother my bedroom wall with images of John Taylor in his trademark fedora.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI hadn’t realised until that night that Eagles of Death Metal’s cover of Save a Prayer is the official song of the Paris appeal.  How amazing to see a sea of 40,000 waving lights filling the arena in memory of the tragic victims of the atrocity.  (Sign of the times – we used to wave lighters in the 80s, now it’s mobile phone torches!)

This has been a busy week for eating again, with lovely meals at Sheesh, Smiths of Wapping and retro TGIs, various cakes in trendy cafés and corporate events with wine.  I did my stuff on Thursday for a venue hire organisation in Cheapside (where they kindly gave me a client goody bag that included a mince pie to munch on the train home).

They provided a wonderful buffet which I mostly kept away from, due to anticipation of a networking event in the evening.  However, the Christmas networking provided – you won’t believe this – NO FOOD!  I’m not naming and shaming as I’m a fully paid up member, but I only stayed an hour then left, a slave to my hunger pangs.  Luckily I had the mince pie in my bag…

I used my time there to chat to a couple of business friends, then bumped in to someone I have tweeted with for a couple of years on behalf of one of my social media management clients.  We’d never met before, but we have now – and I’m organising a meeting between him and my accountant clients for the new year.  It’s all about building relationships, right?

Thanks to Mark and the team at Nordens for inviting me to the firm’s end of year party on Friday.  Fab evening, as always – with (again!) great food, wonderful company and lots of fun.  Congrats to the members of staff who won prizes in the company’s annual awards – which included prizes for digging your own grave, going the extra mile for clients and being a diva.  Very funny and entertaining.

Another meal that was entertaining and generally outstanding was Saturday night’s dinner at the Lounge Cinema in Whiteleys at Queensway.  This was a whole new experience for me! We shared a platter of sushi, duck spring rolls, burgers, lamb things on sticks, dips and the best chips ever.  Too full up to move we lay back in our reclining leather seats and summonsed the waiter using the call button, just like on a plane.  Ten minutes later he reappeared with a glass of rosé and a caramelised banana split that defies imagination.  Smothered in whipped cream and chocolate ice cream, with an array of fruits and drizzled in mango sauce, this was a visual treat that beat the film itself.  Apologies to Tom Hanks, but honestly – the dessert and the ambience makes it a place to spend a Saturday night, for sure!

I’m not sure what the Save a Prayer royalty money’s being used for in Paris; Simon le Bon was a bit vague at that point and maybe a decision hasn’t yet been made.  But anyway, ‘Feel the breeze deep on the inside, look you down into your well.  If you can, you’ll see the world in all his fire.  Take a chance like all dreamers, can’t find another way.  You don’t have to dream it all, just live a day.’

There’s always another way.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… Follow your dreams.  Maybe also follow me… @WeekendWitch.

Lessons in red wine, acting quirky and being a Bird

I was lucky enough to share a box of chocolates with Pauline Quirk this week.  I’d been invited to her dressing room for a glass of wine after watching the penultimate episode of Birds of a Feather being filmed at Pinewood Studios.  You may think the show is funny, but the camaraderie between the cast is much funnier. Forgetting lines, sneezing, ad libbing, bursting into fits of laughter – the whole filming process was incredibly entertaining!

I’d gone along with Mark, Henry and Jane – long term friends and business associates of Pauline and her family – they’re her accountants, and mine.  (Thank you for the invitation Henry!!) We knew we’d be invited to an after-party in the Green Room but I hadn’t realised that it was Lesley Joseph’s birthday, and we were invited to celebrate with her.  I didn’t have cake but the prawn sandwiches threw themselves at me despite my aversion to bread…

Lesley Joseph’s character has a style all of her own, and she looked kind-of-amazing on the set.  70 years old in FM heels (extremely high and spikey!), satin leggings and crimson lipstick; the irony wasn’t lost on me.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingAnyway, in Pauline Quirk’s dressing room, while I was not drinking wine and instead munching my way through her choccies, I asked the obvious question one would ask a British institution of an actress: can she get me Rob Lowe’s phone number??  Well, yes, she can, but no, he won’t want a date with me – he’s been happily married (allegedly) for over 20 years, but he does have a son….  Okay, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.  So that potential date is now crossed off my list.   Might set my sights on Damian Lewis next…

I also chatted for a while with Katy Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingCavanagh, who played Julie in Corrie. Gill and I used to talk about her retro dresses with their gorgeous cupcake designs.  I saw them once in Camden, but they were too pricey to justify as a one-wear item.  Maureen Lipman, on the other hand, is not a one-time lady.  She was sporting an olive green cardi that her mother knitted in 1964 and which she had worn on her first day at drama school!  I’d have liked to have chatted to her, but it was that or grab a chilli chicken wrap from the diminishing buffet, and the chicken won.

I missed out on wine at the party, as I was driving part of the way home, but made up for that at a wine tasting evening on Friday.  The Barbican held this Virgin Wine event, and my friend took me as an early birthday treat.  I was careful!  Not being a seasoned drinker I realised that 162 ‘tasters’ are probably equivalent to around 40 glasses of wine.

It was very funny watching the people around the room.  They arrived after work, mostly dressed in professional clothes and sounding very knowledgeable about vineyard etiquette, oak smoking, autolytic bouquets with depth; flabby, grassy, jammy,  toasty…  As each hour passed the laughter increased, conversations became louder and more slurred, less wine-related, and people stumbled from table to table, forgetting which country produced which wines.  It made for some interesting networking…

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI stuck with red and made my choices wisely, interspersing my alcohol with the nasty Italian crackers that are supposed to ‘cleanse the pallet’ and would probably be delicious spread with thick butter and a slathering of creamy brie.  I managed to stay within acceptable limits of giggliness.  My friend not so much.  I was chatted up by a charming and handsome doctor-turned-software developer, to whom I willingly gave my phone number in exchange for him seeing my friend safely onto his train at King’s Cross.

I saw UB40 several times at Hammersmith in the days when you’d go in clean and innocent and come out high on other people’s spliffs.  Not sure what Neil Diamond would have made of that?!  ‘I’d have sworn that with time, thoughts of you would leave my head.  I was wrong, now I find just one thing makes me forget.’

If you’re running a business you don’t want anyone to forget! On the contrary, you need to present a clear image that they’ll remember.  If you’d like to know how social media can help your brand awareness, ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Magic at Arch1, grown up boys and a business plan for the healing bear

My dating disaster prompted considerably more emails than usual, with at least two people begging me to write a dating blog.  I have to report that since casino man, I’ve met only nice people.  So I’m reverting to a life of privacy, secrecy, discretion…  For now, anyway.  I will go ahead with an ebook later this year though, so please do send me your tales of on-line dating fiascos.  All shall remain nameless…

Arch1 is an awesome venue.  (I didn’t go there on a date, but with my sons.)  Musicians and entertainers are lining up to perform in this teeny tiny railway arch, shadowed by a giant willow tree and differentiated from the other arches by a simple sparkling string of fairly lights across the door.  It’s barely larger than my front room.  A cute bar is slotted in one corner, and the toilet is in a broom cupboard behind the stage.  No lock.

Yet, despite its size, around 150 people crammed in last Saturday night to pay tribute to Keith, a young soul who died tragically a year ago.  I didn’t know Keith well, although he was a regular in my home, usually at parties and on the boys’ poker nights, back when I wasn’t allowed to join in.

11831684_10153543628656255_3122798006444406782_nMy son Oli’s mentalist act was the highlight.  Obviously I’m going to say that, but he really, really was amazing.  He stunned the entire audience with his (what?) sorcery?  Maybe.  Skill? – for sure.

Four of Oli’s friends performed at Arch1 too.  These boys have played in a band since school – Passenger Casanova.  I’ve watched them grow from 11-year-old children playing in my garden, to incredibly talented young musicians.

Passenger Casanova

Passenger Casanova

We’re quite a musical family.  (Apart from me!)  Wishing a happy tenth anniversary to my Bro-Lo David and sister-in-law Dawn; he plays guitar and keyboards rather well.  I never remember to send them a card, so hopefully a mention here will suffice.  A funny Facebook baby photo of David reminded me of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze – do you remember it?  They hit the stores in 1982 while I was working in Hamleys, and the queue snaked right the way along Regent Street.  I didn’t want one at the time, and didn’t fancy adopting one when they started appearing as collectibles. Had a tamagotchi though….

I’ve had a passing involvement with toys this week too, as I arranged for Crystal Healing Bear – and its creator Tina – to meet with my accountant Mark to talk through a business plan. Tina has identified a gap between emotionally disturbed or stressed children who could benefit from alternative therapy and mindfulness training, subconscious guidance for parents, and a strategy allowing them to project feelings onto an inanimate ‘friend.’  Thus she created Crystal Healing Bear – a teddy and book that includes mindfulness techniques. She’s planning to present the business to schools later this year, and the book is available on-line now.

A percentage of Tina’s profits will be donated to The Dream Factory.  This charity is very close to my heart.  It’s run by Avril Mills, one of the most inspirational women I know, who helped Oli when he was in the Royal London Hospital for several weeks.  So if you happen to spot Tina wandering around Essex dressed as a giant bear, pop a pound in the Dream Factory box please.  (I actually dressed as a giant bear in 1982 – it’s a lot harder than it sounds…)

This was the best-selling record in ’82; I remember rushing out to buy the 12” the morning it was released. (That will confuse some of my younger readers!!)  “Our mothers cried.  Sang along, who’d blame them.  You’ve grown, so grown up – now I must say more than ever…”  You know the next line!  You also know my next line…  Feel free to call if you’d like to know more about mindfulness, business plans or anything social media-related.  Or ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Misbehaviour, being creative and reflections of Violet Kray

When Katja says she’s going to organise an exhibition, you know it’s going to be good.  As an artist and art curator with an absolute passion for creativity, she throws her body and soul into her work – literally!

Misbehaviour was an exhibition of 2D and 3D works, installations and film by 60 artists from Britain, Europe, and further afield, that played with a wide range of forms of mischief and non-conformity.  Hence I didn’t promote my submission on Facebook… it was a bit too mischievous!!

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI nearly didn’t exhibit in this exhibition at the Mile End Art Pavilion at all – but I sure am glad I did.  Not simply because it was an honour for my poetry to be shown alongside some absolutely amazing artworks, but because I met such fab people.

My favourite piece was a series of three huge etchings by an artist named Dawes – she and I spent most of the afternoon gassing instead of invigilating the crowds and she seemed pleased that I recognised a lyric she’d woven into her piece; apparently many people don’t.  (No prizes for guessing how I’ll be signing off this blog….)

I often remark on what a small Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingworld we live in, and that nothing happens by chance – it really doesn’t.  I was chatting to an MA student called Louise who, it turns out, lives in the house where Violet Kray lived.  My next door neighbour’s aunt was a dressmaker who made clothes for all the Kray women; my neighbour inherited the tall walnut-framed mirror in which Violet Kray would have admired herself while being pinned at the hem.  Is there a commandment that says something like ‘thou must not covet thy neighbour’s mirror’?  Well, I covet it!

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywriting

This is where Katja sends naughty boys and girls

Co-incidentally I was telling this story only last week to a friend as we browsed fake antique mirrors before our cream tea.  And that’s not the only co-incidence Louise invoked.  I recently ran a social media training session for an organisation called Eat Work Art that develops amazing spaces for designers and creative businesses from dilapidated buildings. With over 600 creatives working within a small ‘village’ in Hackney born out of a disused factory, I introduced my accountants, Nordens. They have a specialist stream for helping design and creative businesses and I could see the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration.  So they met, they talked, they ate cake and they collaborated!

Then it emerged yesterday that one of the art installations I loved was created by an Eat Work Art-housed business.  Probably someone who will now be sharing my accountant with me.  How’s that for fast work?!

As Dawes etched and Paul Weller penned, ‘Some people might say my life is in a rut; but I’m quite happy with what I’ve got.  People might say that I should strive for more but I’m so happy I can’t see the point.’  If it’s time for you to strive for more and you’d like help moving forward, get in touch for a chat about social media marketing.  You can call me on 020 8551 7077, or talk to me here: @WeekendWitch.

PS: For Gill and Sue… You know social media’s reached the masses when a character on Coronation Street (Sean) proclaims to have ‘tweeted, instagrammed and snap-chatted’ his dinner!  And as if that wasn’t modern enough for the Corrie Crew, Kevin met up with a woman from an on-line dating site.  Of course it’s real life…

Social media for designers, not doing maths and helping you win awards

Wednesday was such fun!  Dieneke runs an organisation called Hidden Art, turning passion into products by providing advice and support to designers, plus an online shop to sell their lovely products.  We met a couple of years ago in the oxygen chamber and have attended exhibitions together in trendy galleries across London.  She invited me to be the prize in a competition for 800 designers nationwide!! Three ‘lucky winners’ got to spend an hour one-to-one learning how to boost their business using social media.  Their prize also included an hour with Mark, my accountant who mentors in business strategy and realistic growth for small businesses, especially fashion and creative people.

Imaginative Training and Development | Social Media blog

Social media session with Emerald Faerie

We met some fantastic designers!  Barley describes herself as a textile designer maker, upcycler, craftivist and textile teacher.  She’s the founder of Fabrications, a gallery, shop and design studio based in Hackney.  Mark Finzel is a surface designer, creating fantastic wall coverings, flooring and furnishings which reminded me a bit of William Morris on acid.  Fiona’s company has the engaging name Emerald Faerie –she creates contemporary lighting: beautiful chandeliers and, to attract a wider customer base, jewellery.  The feedback was excellent, which was just as well as it wouldn’t have been a good prize if they hadn’t benefitted.

So from one prize to the next… Leaving Hidden Art in a fine mist of rain, Mark (accountant, not designer) and I travelled on a filthy overground train, then tube, in a floor-sweeping, black and silver sparkly evening gown (me, not him).  At our most iconic landmark, the Tower of London, we celebrated Mark and his colleague Joe’s successes in the British Accountancy Awards.  I do sometimes joke about accountants being boring but these ones are not and we had fun, champagne and a very delicious dinner. Entertainment was provided by Miles Jupp, a hysterical comedian and actor that I’d never encountered before but will look out for in future.

In case you’re wondering, I was invited along because I’d successfully completed the award applications on their behalf, a feat that requires plain English, linguistic and marketing skills; it wasn’t because of my proficiency with a calculator – although I was in the top set for maths at school, where Gill and I spent many happy hours playing hangman instead of listening to the teacher, who she fancied.

I missed a lot of school.  Working in the market on Thursdays meant I never did the double maths lesson or the dreaded PE; and having a stomach ache every Tuesday for five years got me out of double French, biology and whatever else I didn’t like in those days.  My next door neighbour Angie also had a stomach ache every Tuesday so we made ourselves feel better by dancing around our homes to 70’s pop or sneaking off for day trips to Carnaby Street.  She moved to Ireland years ago (with real emerald fairies), but popped over yesterday for a fun afternoon with pink wine and onion rings.  She’s on the plane flying home as I write this – see you again soon!!

So with the winning streak in mind… ‘Never could believe the things you do to me, never could believe the way you are.  Every day I bless the day that you got through to me, ’cause baby, I believe that you’re a star.’  Very nicely said, Mr Brown.  If you fancy winning a business award, find out more about my copywriting award winning service – ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Content writing, new clients and a date with Ann Summers

Last week was such fun!! At the risk of boring you with more stories of my social media networking adventures, my night spent with multi-millionnaire businessman David Gold simply has to be worth a mention, don’t you think?  It was my first visit to a football ground, and how lovely that it was Deedub’s team – when we had our photos taken last week by the sea he was actually wearing a West Ham jacket.  I’m not sure what I expected from an east London premiere league soccer club, but I was blown away by the sumptuousness of the surroundings, it was more like a hotel than I’d imagined, although I didn’t actually see the pitch, so maybe that’s where the hooliganism stays.  David was charming and entertaining and didn’t mention his £360M fortune even once!  (I wonder how many of you are planning to Google him when you get to the end of this blog?  My world-wide followers might be a bit shocked…) [Read more…]

Web designers, unmade beds and Blondie

My accountant commented this week that I seem to have recently developed a thing for web designers. Meeting interesting people for coffee isn’t developing a ‘thing’, is it??  Well anyway, it’s hardly surprising as I’ve been promoting myself as a website writer.  But spending time with designers does make me wonder how different my life might have turned out if I’d taken up my place at art school instead of backing out at the last minute in favour of the A levels that I didn’t even take in the end. [Read more…]