Dancing, reflecting and, of course, new year resolutions

Well that was an interesting year, for more reasons than I would be happy to admit in public.  And really, my year didn’t even start until April. As usual it flew by far too quickly to notice exactly what went on, but some days stand out clearly as memory makers.  My favourite was quite possibly the Flashmob which @Suebeedoo found by randomly Googling when she should have been working.  At four of my absolute favourite places in London – Greenwich, Southbank, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden – a few of us, along with about 300 strangers, sang and danced without a care in the world, and for once people smiled rather than picking us out of the crowd as weirdoes. In fact a lot of my best things last year involved singing and dancing around the capital – the Rocky Horror Show in Leicester Square, the outrageous and very funny comedy club, various parties, Bar mitzvahs, engagements, karaoke, a lovely wedding, JR’s sunset pretend Beatles concert and picnic in Canary Wharf…  (But sadly no Halloween party at Bro-Lo’s.) Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I also dance about at home a lot, usually to 80s club stuff, and there’s a simple reason I do that: because I still can.

This year’s got off to a very acceptable start too… loads of fun at Mel’s on Saturday, excellent ice cream cake, mojitos that looked like a garden and games that had us crumbling in laughter. I wasn’t allowed to wear my pirate’s outfit but Steve showed everyone the photos anyway, so I really might as well have worn it! Bed at 4am – very late for me – then up again at 10 to get ready for parties on New Year’s Day at Gill’s, then SP’s. Everyone in normal clothes.

Anyway, my mentors say I should forget dancing and dressing up today and reflect on strategic successes.  Liking techno pop and fancy dress doesn’t mean I’m not commercially savvy, but there’s a time and a place, so I’m told. So I’m pleased to note that I exceeded my business plan during 2011.  As you may have noticed, I rebranded and, even as we speak, I am creating a new website.  (This will keep me busy for the next few evenings so here’s hoping no one force-forfeits me in any on-line scrabble games!) Rebuilding a business after an unexpected break isn’t easy, but the networking has fallen into place more seamlessly than I dreamed possible.  My diary is filling up with training dates, motivational talks and strategic planning sessions for the next few months and it’s starting to look worrying whether I’ll have time for lunch dates as regularly as I’d like…

I definitely peaked a bit early this year with the festivities and now Wizzard is getting on my nerves.  But they do offer sound advice when they say ‘Look to the future now, it’s only just begun.’  We all know that this is the time for new beginnings.  I don’t know if you make New Year resolutions, I definitely have never met anyone who sticks to them if they do.  But I’m making plans anyway – to write my book, be a bit more tolerant, spend more time helping at the therapy centre, make dinner at least twice a week, prune the roses on time and follow up all business enquiries within four hours.  Not unreasonable.  Hopefully I can manage at least one of them. 

So take your cup of kindness yet and have an amazing year ahead – healthy, successful, profitable, fun and, most importantly, happy.  Starting today.  As we shrieked with the flashmob: all you need is love; and I know it’s gonna be – a lovely dayyyy…  Follow me into 2012 and make every day lovely: @WeekendWitch.

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