Business plans, clouds and talking in my sleep

So the first week back at work was wonderful.  A new client – design, photography, fun… evoking many memories of my years working in fashion. Gosh there are some stories to tell there but where to start?! I think I need to organise my memories into some sort of rational sequence rather than just rambling on aimlessly as usual.  Creating business plans for other people reminded me that I hadn’t reviewed my own for some time.  It’s amazing how quickly a bit of structured thought and a multi-coloured pen can influence someone’s day.  Within an hour of updating my sales plan for 2012 I had booked two appointments, emailed half a dozen prospects through LinkedIn, followed up on December’s queries and – just for good measure – arranged four lunch dates with very lovely people. (Who read this, obviously!)  Also during that hour I listened to my favourite album of 2011 – Plan B: Defamation of Strickland Banks, and somehow managed to finish off the jumbo box of Thornton’s. Oh, and to top it off nicely I was tweeted to hundreds of people as ‘business of the week’ – thank you Rob @explainafide. (Also, thank you for the other stuff!)

Talking about rambling aimlessly, as I was, it probably comes as no surprise to some of you that I talk in my sleep.  But that’s not what’s worrying.  This is: rather than outright deny everything and totally refute claims that I get up and wander around, saying the oddest things and behaving just a little bit bonkers, I now find myself caught on camera.  Or iphone, to be more specific.  Yes, much to his personal amusement, Steven has started recording my nocturnal conversations.  Please note, this is not for public consumption.  Some of you already know details, most don’t, and probably best we leave it that way.  But believe me when I say that even I think it’s spectacularly bizarre. I’m not sure if it would hold up in court, but it’s certainly amusing Steven.  As if my family didn’t already think I’m nuts… 

Whilst typing this I’m flicking back and forth through Facebook and Twitter.  Sue’s just posted something about the number 1 song on the day she was born and Deedub is commenting on it.  So I quickly Googled my birthdate to join in the conversation and my results brought up… Operation Hump!!  I’ve heard it all now. Only I could be born on that day! The song, if you’re interested, was the Stones – Get off of my cloud. Quite appropriate these days, what with cloud computing and all that.  ‘He says, “It’s 3am, there’s too much noise, don’t you people ever wanna go to bed?” ’ No, of course we don’t.  Not when Twitter stays awake all night! Follow me and you can sit on my cloud anytime: @WeekendWitch

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