Time Management

Wish you could achieve more?

Managing time can be difficult for any working person.  But if you’re running your own small business, finding the time to do everything can drive you crazy.

Do you value your time and allocate it to the activities that earn you money?  Do you have brilliant ideas but no time to execute them?  Are you always fire-fighting?

This workshop will provide you with an overview of how to plan your time more effectively AND a specific strategy that suits your business goals.  There’s a big difference between what’s important (will help your business succeed) and what’s urgent (things that get thrown at you).  By the end, you’ll understand how to prioritise your working hours properly, while allowing valuable time for your business to grow.  Introducing my simple RASCAL system of recording, analysing and scheduling, you will leave with a definite plan of how to improve your time management in business.

At the end of this session, you will:

  • Feel less stressed
  • Understand how better time management can help you achieve your business objectives
  • Recognise what stops you achieving your goals
  • Tackle time wasters with ease
  • Know how to prioritise efficiently
  • Appreciate the difference between important and urgent tasks, and schedule them accordingly

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