Plain English training

Our original, most popular written communications workshop

About the course

Struggling to get your message out there?  Market your business in the best way possible – by writing clearly, quickly and with dynamic impact!  You’ll also Improve customer service and quality standards in half a day with our most popular workshop! 

    • Avoid jargon and waffle
    • Cut out unnecessary words and rephrase complicated sentences with ease
    • Make sure people who read what you’ve written will understand you
    • Be appropriate for the medium – letters, emails, website content, social media…
    • Have a clear, customer friendly website

Some people think plain English sounds really boring and school-like, so we’ve designed the workshop in a way that makes delegates come out at the end and say “I really enjoyed that! Not what I expected at all!” t

This course is for you if…

  • you write letters, reports, social media posts, brochures, email, website content – in fact, anything work-related
  • you want to improve your style of writing
  • you hope to increase sales by presenting your business in a more professional, human way
  • You’re too busy for a whole day out of the office – we get straight to the point and cover everything without any fuss

We don’t expect you to have perfect grammar and spelling – it’s not an English lesson.  It’s about writing in today’s world to get the best results.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Write clearer documents, emails and social media posts
  • Choose precise wording that your customers will understand
  • Reword jargon and technical phraseology
  • Rephrase complicated sentences
  • Use the active voice effectively
  • Write for a positive response
  • Use lists effectively
  • Avoid waffle
  • Use plain English!

You’ll take away…

  • A guide to correct grammar use and punctuation
  • An A-Z of ‘better words to choose’


Next London session – date to be confirmed soon… please get in touch for more info.

We also run this session for your team in your workplace

Our lively interactive training encourages participants to take part fully. We will discuss your training objectives with you to make sure you get a training package that meets your organisation’s needs. If you like, we can also evaluate participants’ writing skills before and after training and provide individual and confidential feedback.

Cost of in-house group session: £600 (for up to ten people)

Book two sessions for one day and receive 10% discount!

Please email us to discuss further and book.