Writing legal web content, beaches and falling off the edge

So my latest networking adventure was in the cutest pub in Spitalfields – the Water Poet, a beautifully named warren of tiny bars and charming rooms leading to the fairyland courtyard where we sat and chatted while exchanging business cards and guessing each other’s ages.  This event was slightly different to the rest: I was the only woman there!  All was going well – busy plugging my plain English training courses – until I got ready to leave, spotted another woman, decided to say hello and, heading towards her, very elegantly (!!) slipped right off the decking!!  If anyone hadn’t met me before I shrieked, they certainly knew who I was afterwards…  

I may well have stayed longer.  The company was good, the evening warm, the atmosphere held a lively, pre-football party mood and the sausages and olives delivered to the next table looked really good. But… someone at the end of the table lit up a fag, and that was it, I couldn’t stand to stay for one more minute.  (Wonder if he’ll delete me from all social media networks after reading this…?)  Anyway, the other woman turned out to be a lovely London-based solicitor who has asked me to rewrite the content for her website.  So falling off the edge worked out quite nicely, as it happens.

I usually go to these networking events alone, but someone recently asked me (strangely…) if I ever take Joey.  No, I don’t.  I’m not the freaky old woman in “Labelled with Love.”  I’ve also been asked several times why I don’t mention Joey here.  After all, he does make a habit of claiming the laptop while I’m replying to emails in the evenings, beating Naked Scrabble Buddy and BroLo and voicing his opinion loudly if I’m negotiating on the phone.  He joins in business meetings and one-to-one social media set-up sessions (one of the reasons I prefer to meet in Starbucks) and follows me to the car as I’m leaving for a local liaison.  I have been known to ask his opinion and I have no intention of telling you whether or not I respect his answers.  But he is certainly a valued member of the team and I can confirm that everything he says is in plain English.  His version!!

And from plain English to plain Spanish… I’ll be away for a few days so next week’s blog might be a bit late.  In fact, I could be dancing on the beach, sloshing around jugs of sangria as you’re reading this, possibly feeling guilty that I’m not busy writing.  Sorry about that.  But think about this:  It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning, there was fog crawling over the sand – when I listen to your heart I feel the whole world turning, I see the shooting stars falling through your trembling hands… 

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