Wet, diamonds and plain English training

Would you like to hear about my three days in Edinburgh?  Very different from last year’s Baileys-filled week with Maz. There’s actually not much to tell you apart from four sessions of plain English training which resulted in such feedback as 100% rated it as good or excellent, 100% would recommend it, engaging, interesting, informative blah blah.   But I met some super people there, had gorgeous candlelit dinners – alone, watched a team of football players in kilts being snapped by passers-by as they joked around on the hotel steps… I didn’t bother asking who they were.  They were obviously famous, but as I once spent a whole lunchtime with Mel eating carbonara and garlic prawns at the next table to the whole Spurs team and didn’t recognise them, I guessed it didn’t matter who this lot were.  But my highlight of that trip was a low flying plane over the length of England.  The natural landscape was breathtakingly beautiful, especially the lakes and the Peak District.  River deep, mountain high indeed; a green patchwork of loveliness.  There’s nothing plain English about our country.  I didn’t even take my book out my bag, just watched through the window as I ate my sushi; it was such a nice way to spend an hour.  Almost made me want to take flying lessons, which Deedub did recently, and he thought it was brilliant too.

So there’s my patriotic salute to England on this much-celebrated Diamond Jubilee day.  I did wander down to the river yesterday to watch the flotilla – 1000 boats and historic ships passing by amongst music and festivities, happiness and much flag waving.  The atmosphere was fantastic, and I know how amazing the flotilla was, because I saw some of it on a big screen at Tower Bridge, and most of it later at home, wrapped up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.  We got so drenched!! 

Lovely pic from today's Guardian


The heavens opened and incessant rain soaked us to our skin – everywhere!!! But we braved it – well, three of us braved it – the others crept off home at the first sign of drizzle. But over a million people stayed and it sure was an experience.



After warming up in a pub for a while, Karen, Patrick and I went back to the river to wave to my mum through the horizontal rain as she sailed by on her typhoon clipper.  We caught the back of the boat as it floated under the bridge, but Jackie texted that she saw her on TV, which made us laugh.
I got home too wet and tired to write a blog, which is why it’s late this morning.  And, as you may have noticed, welcome to my new website! It’s still far from perfect (bit like me) but I’m really quite pleased with myself for managing to construct it and get it almost right.  Thank you to the web designers and friends who have given me lovely feedback and/or constructive criticism.  I’ve changed some things already and it will slowly evolve into a more workable site.  I know lots of you don’t like the header picture.  To answer those of you who have never met me apart from in cyberspace, it’s not my office, I am not a corporate entity.  It’s actually a photo that Dr Patrick took – he takes brilliant photos so I’ll just pinch another one to replace it, eventually.
Today’s a holiday in England, so I will sign off and get ready to watch Carol singing at a street party.  Wishing holiday happiness to my UK friends and colleagues, and everyday happiness to the rest of the world.  And on a final note, “When you were a young boy did you have a puppy, that always followed you around? Well I’m gonna be as faithful as that puppy, no I’ll never let you down…”  So follow me @WeekendWitch, the link’s on the left, the tweet’s floating around, enjoy your day!   (…don’t forget to leave a comment below!)
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  1. Martine Swanepoel says:

    Hi Renee, as always loved the blog.

  2. As noted, I would highly recommend flying lessons – however, I have seen your driving and will gladly make you an exception to my recommendation.

  3. Gill Izen says:

    Website looks great !!

  4. Sharon Zaydner says:

    Is this your first comment? Yay….like being first. Well done Mrs R xx Carry on Blogging

  5. What’s up with you,You see the Spurs squad and ignore them…..You have so much to learn.
    Sort your photo out…..
    NSB X X X

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