Web designers, unmade beds and Blondie

My accountant commented this week that I seem to have recently developed a thing for web designers. Meeting interesting people for coffee isn’t developing a ‘thing’, is it??  Well anyway, it’s hardly surprising as I’ve been promoting myself as a website writer.  But spending time with designers does make me wonder how different my life might have turned out if I’d taken up my place at art school instead of backing out at the last minute in favour of the A levels that I didn’t even take in the end.  Would I now be displayed in the Tate along with the likes of Tracey Emin? As it happens I am very good at doing an unmade bed.  Well anyhow, for those of you who think I have a ‘thing’ about any particular career individuals, I would like to point out that last week a group of my closest friends voted me the person least likely to have an affair.  Good news for Steven. How lovely, you’re probably thinking, that they recognise my high moral values and integrity. Hmm… or is it just that they think I’m a minger?!

Someone who is definitely not a minger is Debbie Harry, voted the Ultimate Icon at Cosmopolitan’s Women of the Year awards.  Iconic – yes, definitely! Not just in terms of music, fashion and style, but also in courage and empathy, nursing her sick partner for so many years. I did tweet about this award as I think she was an excellent choice and I do confess to playing my old Parallel Lines album from time to time.  I’m not alone, pretty sure Bro-Lo still looks at her pictures…

Still loving LinkedIn! The novelty is far from wearing off, and I was thrilled on Wednesday to catch up with an old client/friend that I lost touch with some years ago.  I spent many happy afternoons in his office chatting and gossiping on the pretext of writing computer system user manuals and idiot guides for a staff of a couple of thousand, and many lovely lunchtimes over sausage and mash in a range of pretty Essex pubs – again, ‘working’ of course.  One thing has stuck in my mind from those days that I’m pleased to be able to share.  On a giant whiteboard behind his desk that tended to be covered with computer-related algorithms and swirly patterns, he’d written the following mantra:  People don’t remember what you do or what you say, but they remember how you made them feel.

I hope I make you feel happy.  As Ms Harry used to say, “Cover me with kisses, baby, cover me with love.  Roll me in designer sheets…” Oh no, not that bit – I’ll be in serious trouble if I forget to delete those lyrics before posting.  I mean, “Call me, on the line (call me) call me any, anytime.” And if you don’t have my number to call, contact me, or tweet: @WeekendWitch.


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