Wardrobe malfunctions, un-popped bubbles and posh chocs

When visiting clients it’s always good to be well dressed, or at least appropriately dressed.  You may recall that I’ve had my fair share of wardrobe malfunctions – the silk skirt that fell down, the hold-up stockings that don’t, the pink heels that caused much embarrassment at a late night networking event.  All documented on Facebook and Twitter, fortunately less so on Pinterest.  Friday’s debacle topped the lot!

It was a simple, and slightly domesticated start to the day. Here’s the background… My favourite roast potato dish recently came to untimely end, so when I saw a shiny red one on-line I ordered it straight away for home delivery.  On arrival, the cast iron vessel was way too heavy, so I left it in its (fortunately un-popped) bubble wrap.

Planning to visit a client in the heart of Essex to talk about social media, I realised that I’d be driving past the shop and could easily call in to return the dish and claim my refund.  Worried that I’d forget to pick it up on my way to the meeting I left it in a conspicuous spot by the front door.  Nicely dressed in new clothes (age appropriate, so I’ve been told), I threw on my coat, chucked my purple scarf around my shoulders, grabbed my bag and scooped up the unwanted dish, all pleased with myself for remembering it.

Opening the car door, my stomach suddenly felt weirdly cold and wet.  Looking down – in horror! – I saw that the soon-to-be-returned potato dish was filled with…. cat’s pee!!  Which was now all over me!!

I’ve never moved so quickly!! I reckon I was back in the house, washed, changed and de-bubble-wrapped within 90 seconds.  Putting my foot down on the A127 I arrived at my meeting on time, apologising profusely for the possible lingering pong of cat wee….
Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingAt least it didn’t happen on Valentine’s Day!  Thank you to all the lovely people who sent me Valentine’s chocs this weekend.  I received a gorgeous box full of delicious creamy truffles and hearts from my favourite mail-order yummy food company: Desire4Food… that box made an excellent Sunday night dinner!


Didn’t know that Ed Sheeran wrote this:  “Kiss me out of the bearded barley; nightly, beside the green, green grass.  Swing, swing, swing the spinning step; you wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.”  Well I won’t be wearing that dress again.  (Actually, it probably won’t even fit me after D4F’s gift and a delicious, huge, heart-shaped box of posh chocs that I polished off on Saturday night…)

If I’m not chasing the cat while he’s getting up to his shenanigans, I’ll be here, as usual: @WeekendWitch.  Thank you for sharing the love!

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