Visualisation, a happy new year and being in love with your social media strategy

This Christmas week has been the end to a perfect working year.  I achieved my two goals: my book was published and you can find me on Amazon, and I gained my Masters degree.  I also met a bunch of lovely, interesting, talented and – occasionally – famous (and sometimes bonkers!) people.  I never dreamed when the year began that a social media training business would take me to the wonderful places I’ve been.  You know most of them (especially if you bought my book – and thank you if you did).

So, have you prepared your social media strategy for 2013?  While many organised individuals will be merrily nodding, many will be wondering where to begin, or panicking at the thought of putting down in writing anything that could lead to failure.  Well, strategizing is definitely not about setting yourself up to fail.  I do know people who refuse to make New Year resolutions because they’re not confident about achieving them.  Simple answer: resolve to do something you really want (or need!) to do – then make a commitment to yourself to get it done.

It’s easy to succeed if it’s something you can imagine yourself doing; visualisation can carry you through – but only if you are determined.  As I said in my previous blog: unlocking your potential, achieving your goals and someone else’s dream, if you can dream it, you can make it happen in real life.  If you have no intention of sticking to your resolutions, don’t make any. It won’t make you any less happy or successful, it just might highlight a slight lack of focus and give you something to work towards later in the year when the time suits you better.

But we all know resolutions are not the same as strategies.  You can resolve to tweet six times a day, post interesting news on Facebook, comment on LinkedIn discussions and stick fantastic pics on Pinterest – but remember always that you need a goal.  Your aim may be to raise awareness of your business, market your product or services or increase your visibility across the internet… all are valid reasons for engaging in social media.  You may simply want to gain more followers or find a blind date (possibly not the reason for using the business platforms but a pleasant by-product for some people).

Whatever your reason for reaching out, do it with a strong identity.  Make your plan for 2013 to do it consistently, politely, eloquently; making new friends and attracting solid business propositions. In the meantime, have a fabulous time tonight! (That’s if you’re reading this on Monday, otherwise I hope you had a great evening and celebrated in style!)  If I get through the evening with grace and elegance I’ll tell you about it next week.  Ring out the old, bring in the new, a midnight wish to share with you.  Your lips are warm, my head is light… were we in love before tonight?

In love?  Were we??  Yes… in love with social media!!  If you need a hand to get your strategy in order, I’ll be working again from the 7th and happy to help.  Or you can find me here – anytime, as always: @WeekendWitch.


(Thanks for today’s pic go to Dapino Colada free pics and wallpapers.)

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  1. I don’t think I have a strategy other than posting frequently, linking to articles I like, and sharing quotes, insights etc. But it’s nothing that I ever plan for!

    • Hi Janet – that IS a strategy! If it works for you and you’re comfortable with the time it takes you, that’s a great basis for a social media strategy. Now that we’re a month in, have you maintained your efforts? If you see a good ROI (return on the time and energy you’re investing in social media), you can always increase your activity. thanks for commenting 🙂

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