Tweeting in Corrie, Lowry’s obsession and chocolate naughtiness

We all have guilty pleasures; whether or not we admit to them in public is another story.  So here I am, standing up and publicly confirming – I love Coronation Street.  At least I don’t hover by the door pretending I’m not watching, like some people I know.  So what a fantastic treat to have been taken to the studio as an early birthday treat.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingGill and I set off on Monday morning on the same Virgin train that made so many people laugh when I blogged about it earlier this year.  And we laughed our way through two days in Manchester.  The Corrie tour was such good fun – but we weren’t allowed to tweet or take photos inside the studio. Wandering through the sets and along the cobbles, we made friends, snapped away for Facebook and sat for an hour on Gail’s garden wall with mint tea and a bar of very expensive, branded clotted cream fudge,

On Tuesday we dropped in to Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingThe Lowry – and what a fabulous place to visit!  Media City is an architectural delight, developed around the old Manchester Ship Canal to house BBC, ITV and the new Coronation Street set.  The high tech environment forms a sharp contrast to the paintings of Laurence Stephen Lowry, dull and grim, so proudly displayed in a gallery in the chic orange and purple theatre complex.

I got told off for taking photos of the Lowry artworks!  A man literally ran across the gallery floor to smack me.  Well… shout at me in whispered tones with a lot of arm waving.  Lowry was a strange character, wasn’t he?!  His art is interesting but not my taste – yet we share a love of pre-Raphaelite art.  Past tense, in his case – when he died it was discovered that he slept surrounded by paintings of beautiful Victorian women with flowing tresses and swirly, art nouveau dreams.  He never married, had no known girlfriends or boyfriends, yet harboured a secret obsession for Jane Morris and Lizzie Siddal.

The shopping mall opposite the gallery, named in Lowry’s honour, is an outlet centre – full of designer clothes and accessories at knock down prices.  We ignored all that and headed straight for the Cadbury’s store!!  Not sure whether to say I’m ashamed or proud that we bought so much chocolate that we had to buy two travel bags on wheels to get it back home!!

More chocolate naughtiness on Friday at Sue’s birthday celebration.  Some new friends I met that night accidentally opened a gift box and ate them all, then outed me on Facebook as the chocolate criminal!! All I can say about that is… no comment.  In my defence, any chocolate that was found melted against my dress must have been put there by someone else, was there when I bought it or is simply Sue’s fault for leaving chocolate unattended while she played air guitar to Ballroom Blitz on her own in the middle of the dance floor.

“Oh reaching out for something, touching nothing’s all I ever do.  Oh I softly call you over; when you appear there’s nothing left of you.”  Oh.  When you appear it should be unmissable!  If you need help to appear more visibly across London, across the web, across the world, ask about our social media training or social media management services.  You can call me on 0208 551 7077 or ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Lyrics courtesy of Chapman and Chinn.

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