Terms and conditions of business

Imaginative Training and Development Limited is registered in the UK under company registration number 4687078,  Incorporated in England, with a registered office at  The Retreat, 406 Roding Lane South, Ilford, Essex IG8 8EY.

Part A

Booking an Imaginative Training event

Booking Terms & Conditions for participants of all events held by Imaginative Training. These booking conditions set out your agreement with us and apply to each event you have booked. In these terms and conditions, all references to “us”, “our” and “we” mean Imaginative Training and Development Ltd.

Booking Cancellation by You In the event of you cancelling your booking the following charges will apply:

– More than 21 days prior to the event – full refund
– 21 days to 9 days to the event – 50% refunded to you
– 8 days to 4 days to the event – 25% refunded to you
– Within 3 days of the event – No refund available

Event cancellation by us If for any reason we deem it necessary to cancel an event we will refund the total amount you have paid. This is your sole right and remedy against us and you will have no other claim against us for a refund or for compensation.

Changes by us We may for any reason deem it necessary to change the event date, venue, or hours and if so we will notify you. In these circumstances you retain the right to cancel your booking and will receive a full refund from us.

Transferring tickets If you cannot attend the event, you may transfer your ticket to another person, provided that you give us the person’s name and full contact details. Once the transfer has taken place the transferee will be bound by the same terms & conditions as you.

Refunds Should a refund be due to you, we will process it within 10 working days from the date that we acknowledge that refund is due to you.

Part B

1. Contract establishment

a)  These Terms and Conditions of Business shall form part of the contract between the Client (referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’) and Imaginative Training and Development Limited (referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) for the supply of professional services agreed.

b)  We comply with Imaginative Training and Development Ltd’s Professional Code of Conduct.

c)  Training will be provided at the time, location and on the date(s) agreed.

d)  We are an equal opportunities organisation and do not discriminate against anyone.

2. Fees and charges

a)  Fees will be charged on the basis set out in the letter of engagement. Fees will normally be charged separately for each category of work and are usually charged at mutually agreed daily rates, or part day thereof.

b)  The cost of all training materials, including workbooks and other relevant take-away training tools, is included in the fee for up to ten delegates, unless agreed otherwise in advance.

c) Fees quoted for training sessions on this website apply to business conducted within the M25 boundary.  Charges for sessions held further afield will be discussed in advance.

d)  Public organisations (such as councils, state schools and health authorities) may pay on receipt of an invoice.  Please pay invoices within 14 days.

e)  Other organisations must pay in advance by an agreed date.

f)  Any agreed expenses, such as business mileage, will be invoiced after completion of the assignment.g) If the allocated time for an editing assignment is exceeded, additional hours or days will be charged at mutually agreed daily or hourly rates as defined in the letter of engagement or agreed in writing with you prior to the start of the assignment. h) We review our fees periodically. The fee rates used in the letter of engagement are our current rates. Our fee basis will always be agreed with you before we start work. Any future rate adjustments will be notified to you at least one month before we apply the new rates. Charges agreed will be held until 31 December 2014.

3. Expenses

a) We may ask you to reimburse us for reasonable out of pocket expenses that may be incurred at your request in connection with the assignment, including (where appropriate) travel and overnight subsistence and the cost of providing specialist equipment, goods and materials. Wherever possible such expenses will be agreed upfront with you. 

4. Invoicing and payment

a) Invoices for fees and any expenses are payable within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

b) Please raise any queries concerning an invoice within seven days of the invoice date. Wherever possible payment should be made by BACS transfer.

c) In the event that invoices are not settled in full in accordance with these Terms, we reserve the statutory right to charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the guidelines published by The Better Payment Practice Group.

5. Information Disclosure

a) We request that you disclose to us all information which is necessary for the satisfactory running and completion of the assignment or which, in our reasonable opinion, is relevant to the assignment.

b) You represent that, to the best of your ability and in good faith, all information disclosed to us is accurate and that any written materials supplied may be used as part of the assignment without breach of any third party copyright or registered trademarks.

c) You must notify us straightaway if you become aware of any matters, facts or circumstances that directly or indirectly affect the assignment or appear inconsistent in any way alongside information already provided, if that original information becomes misleading or inaccurate.

d) We acknowledge that you will endeavour to ensure that information provided to us is accurate and statistics are up-to-date (where relevant).  No liability is accepted for any error, omissions or mis-statements provided in our written materials, or opinions expressed as part of training discussion exercises.

e) Background research materials that you provide should not infringe anyone else’s copywrite.

6. Confidentiality

a) All work carried out is fair, impartial and confidential (where appropriate). 

b) We confirm our commitment to promoting confidentiality and will not disclose information concerning you or your business to any third party without your written consent, unless otherwise required by law, a Court of competent jurisdiction or by governmental or regulatory authority.

c) We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

7. Ownership

a) All training materials remain the intellectual property of Imaginative Training and Development Ltd.

b) You will own the deliverables of the assignment, which shall not include any proprietary products or methods which we may use in the course of the assignment. We may retain copies for quality assurance purposes.

c) Subject to our obligations of confidentiality, both parties shall be free to apply the concepts and techniques used and developed on the assignment. As freelance training consultants, we may continue to perform similar services for other clients using our general knowledge, skills, experience and personnel.

8. Liability

a) We undertake to exercise due care in the performance of the assignment in accordance with applicable professional standards. Our objective is to provide a high quality professional service that fully meets your expectations and requirements.

b) We hold a current Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance to cover any civil liabilities arising from our professional activities.

9. Suspension and termination

a) You may, at any time, terminate the assignment by giving us not less than twenty one days written notice of your intention to do so.

b) Where training packages have been produced for a specific purpose, you will be charged.

c) If you need to cancel the delivery of a bespoke training course the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Within six weeks of course: No cancellation fee applies
  • Within four weeks of course: 50% of the course fee
  • Within three weeks of course: 75% of the course fee
  • Within two weeks of course: 100% of the course fee

d) We may suspend the assignment if, in our reasonable opinion, material circumstances adversely affect the performance of our obligations under the contract, or where we reasonably determine that there has been a material non-disclosure of information by you or material changes in circumstances which significantly alter the scope and/or nature of the assignment.

e) We may, by giving you notice in writing, terminate the assignment forthwith if:

  • the period of suspension as described in clause 9.b) exceeds thirty days; or
  • you commit a breach of the contract and fail to remedy this within seven days of being notified in writing by us; or
  • you compound with or negotiate for any composition or compromise with your creditors or are unable to pay your debts within the meaning of Section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986.

f) If the contract is terminated:

  • Each party shall return to the other party, any property belonging to each other in our/your possession at the time of termination; and
  • you must pay forthwith all fees and expenses in respect of all professional services performed by us under the contract up to the date of termination, together with all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by, in connection with, and in consequence of, the termination of the contract.

10 Editing considerations

a) Editing work will be completed by the date agreed.  Any or all comments made are suggestions based on a lay person’s interpretation of the information provided by you.

b) You are responsible for ensuring information provided for editing is current and complies with any relevant laws.

c) We do not take responsibility for any mistakes or omissions occurring due to your failure to check information before passing it to us.

d) You must check returned work to ensure the meaning has not been changed during the editing process.


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