Tea and knickers, Brexit and a sign of the times

It’s a quick blog today as I spent far too long watching politics and wandering around country houses this weekend and not enough time working. But that’s ok, right?

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingThe undressing exhibition at the V&A was interesting, but lacked some of the pieces Debra and I would have liked to have seen. Not that we’re serial underwear-watchers, but – as she pointed out, Madonna’s pointy bra would have made a good point.  A lot of the exhibits were from previous centuries and it’s hard to know whether to marvel at the fact women could actually wear them, or feel sorry for pain they must surely have suffered. Probably both, actually.  They were certainly keener to present themselves as slaves to fashion than I would be.

Some of the stuff was very lovely, with examples of bras from the 50s to the 90s still elegant, sexy and beautiful, even by today’s standards.

As it happens, I preferred the Botticelli exhibition.  Reimagined images of his most famous artworks in various media are displayed in a gallery alongside the 15th century master’s original works.  I love love loved a Dolce and Gabbana dress which was slated by the Independent.  (No photos allowed, but there a pic of it on the V&A website’s home page.) It Looks a bit similar to my Jean Paul Gaultier dress and spurred me on towards a brief diet so that it fits me again….

The diet ended an hour later when we stopped off in Covent Garden for a traditional English cream tea.  Oh well, art often depicts curvier women so an extra few pounds can’t hurt.

(As I’m writing this, I have a vague recollection of seeing Madonna’s bra once – possibly at the Rock Café in London a couple of years ago. Did I – or has time made me imagine weird underwear things??)

If you’re surprised I haven’t discussed Brexit on social media, it’s because I think there’s been enough posted to drive all five living generations crazy.  Never before have I seen such divisive comments on Facebook – friends turning against friends, people insulting those who disagree with them, heated arguments, slagging offs…  Whether you voted in, voted out or voted out and then regretted it, all we can hope for now is a common sense, compassionate outcome with a government that genuinely wants the best for all of us – and a community that works to create a better world for our children and their children.  Am I optimistic? Not particularly.  It’s uncharacteristic for me but there you have it; based on what I’ve seen and read since Thursday I think it may be a tough ride ahead for England.  But we’ll see….

As the Belle Stars said, back in the days when I voted for the trendiest party rather than paying attention to the issues, “You say you love me but want success, I say you’re lying, nothing has changed. This is the sign of the times, piece of more to come… This is the sign of the times, time to be alone.”  Hmmmm – read into that what you will.  But no one needs to be alone. England, Britain, Europe, Earth – wherever I am, I’ll still be here: @WeekendWitch.

PS – my best friend turns 50 this week!  Happy birthday Gill, have a wonderful day, week, year and forever! Thank you for being my friend XXX

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  1. Gill Izen says:

    Thank you for my birthday wishes xxxx

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