Private dancing, silver cups and entertaining real life Twitter friends

Last week I invited a man I’d met on twitter to my home for lunch.  Some of you may think this is strange, unwise or totally bonkers, but others of you will think it’s par for the course in our house.  I made friends tweeting with Robert Puzey last year and we’ve since chatted on Facebook.  He is a hugely talented songwriter with a stream of glittering awards and accolades.  If you’ve danced in a club, disco or at a school reunion, chances are you’ve sung along to lyrics written by Robert’s fair hand. [Read more…]

Radio interview, Into Darkness and a client who wouldn’t pay

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who shared last week’s blog promoting awareness of childhood stroke.  The response was overwhelming and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received.  This weekend marked the fourth anniversary of my son’s stroke, and my interview on national radio highlighted that’s it’s still difficult to talk about it subjectively – writing is definitely easier for me. 

We marked the occasion with a trip to see Star Trek: Into Darkness – which was a bit bizarre, as his first stroke was the day after we’d seen the last Star Trek film.  Excellent movie, of course.  If you saw the photos of me in my Star Trek uniform last year on Twitter you’ll know I’m a STNG fan – not a freakish one, mind – just the normal level of liking and dressing up… [Read more…]

Networking, notworking and social media over breakfast

I attended two very contrasting networking events last week to talk about effective communication skills – web content writing, blogging and social media.  The first was an extremely early breakfast club deep in the heart of Essex, and the second a drunken (not me of course), very enjoyable afternoon in the city.  So how do you quantify the benefits of one type of event over another?  Well, unprofessional and maybe a bit childish, I know, but I usually start with what they feed me…  The breakfast cost £10, I spoke for 60 seconds about plain English writing and training, exchanged business cards with 30 people I didn’t really have time to bond with, and served myself egg and not-so-crispy-bacon and a glass of orange juice.  The Doyle Club afternoon in Liverpool Street was free and I was given the most amazing sausages and a big bowl of chunky chips, which I shared (of course) with my networking buddies Jason and Ian, and new friend Hanna – who claims she can make me look ten years younger for only £355.  [Read more…]