Blogging: keywords that come back to bite your bum

I’ve waited a long time for TV stardom.  Not since my BBC appearance with Prince William have I received so much media attention…

I’ve run training courses on the art of blogging and, obviously, driven home the importance of incorporating keywords into website content so that businesses can be found easily for that particular thing. Websites benefit from blogging due to increased traffic, businesses benefit by establishing their expertise, and potential customers benefit by being offered the product or service they require in a smooth, seamless fashion.

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When I blogged about my Club 18-30s holiday I didn’t mark the tour operator’s name as a keyword, as I aim to be found for social media marketing, training, LinkedIn coaching and plain English business writing.  They’re my keywords. The 18-30s story was just a bit of fun.  But what GOES ONLINE STAYS ONLINE! When 18-30s decided to close its doors on 24-hour partying, cocktails and banging on the beach, the media did a quick online search for its own keywords – and bingo! Up I popped!!

So it was this blog, written a few years ago, that led to Radio 5 interviewing me – and, subsequently – to BBC’s The One Show requesting my presence at a filming session to be shown on a Friday night’s prime time TV.

Filming was a lot of fun! The crew met me at the allotted location with their cameras, lights and boom boom equipment, and presented me with a delicious cocktail. (Mocktail actually – well, it was only 9am and we’re not in Ibiza in 1984 now.) I was astounded by the amount of time it takes to put together a one-minute snippet of film. Three hours later I was recounting my story for the umpteenth time and we were all firm friends.

So, three questions….

  1. Are you using your keywords to their best advantage?
  2. Can you create interesting stories that may not be directly about your business but link back to it in some way, giving a new audience the opportunity to find you?
  3. Do you stay mindful that what you post on social media stays there for a very long time?

If you’ve answered no to any of these, I’ll be happy to give you some tips to set you on the right path – the path to social media marketing success, I mean, not to wild teenage holidays!

Dating websites for cinema lovers, an apology and making a buzz

I don’t like injustice!  So here I am, righting a wrong…  Following last week’s blog when I reported that Simon (with the beard) claimed that Carole King was not a nice person, I have now had a first-hand account to the contrary.  Martine has actually met the award-wining singer-songwriter and has filled me in on why she disagrees with Simon.

Martine met Carole (we can be on first name terms now I am apologising) about ten years ago when Ms King (don’t want to overdo it) stayed on her kibbutz for a few days.  Apparently, anyone who came into contact with her thought she was lovely.  She even gave an impromptu concert. Well, not so much a concert, but a singalong night. Martine says she was very modest and friendly and really didn’t want to be the center of attention. She happily got up to sing with anyone who wanted to, leaving the kibbutz residents with some great memories from that evening.  So there you have it!

As you know, my work keeps me online for much of the time.  I’m checking people’s Facebook posts, uploading pics, tweeting, blogging on various sites, targeting new followers, connecting with prospects.  Well, this week I’ve been reviewing some dating sites too.  It’s not the first time… when we picked up a dating website client last year, Marion and I spent hours trawling the net to familiarise ourselves with the industry.  It was quite an eye-opener!!

This week has been a little tamer than some of the sights we saw during that project, that’s for sure. But I have one question: why does (almost) every man state that his idea of a perfect first date includes going to the cinema?  Someone recently invited me on a date – to the cinema.  Why, oh why would I want to sit next to a person I barely know for three hours rather than get to know them over a glass of rioja?  Why do they think I’d prefer to share our first encounter with someone behind me rustling sweet wrappers (and not sharing), a stranger next to me sniffing loudly and someone in front wafting their BO in our direction?  No, most women would prefer somewhere candlelit with a chocolate torte or authentic crème brulée and intelligent conversation.  Just saying.

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI had an intelligent – and rather unexpected – conversation yesterday with… a beekeeper!  Patrick and Joe came to visit and we wandered around the local nature reserve.  The beekeeper was kitted out in the obligatory headgear but had his hands unnervingly bare as he rummaged around in a rather large hive.

Once he emerged intact, we wandered over (but keeping a safe distance from the little buzzers) to chat.  It turns out that John Dutney produces award winning honey just along the road in Woodford – and he very kindly gave us a jar!  Patrick proceeded to dip in his finger and eat almost half the jar of the smooth, lovely nectar!  Apparently, eating locally-produced nectar helps to reduce the symptoms of asthma – I didn’t know that.

Anyway, the pollen count’s probably dipping here in London now that autumn has intermittently breezed in.  This song is so out of context for today’s blog, but relevant to my meeting with Mr Beekeeper.  It’s not something I would normally include but, having reminded myself that it exists, the lyrics and tune flooded into my brain and now won’t go away.  “I’d heard about you before, I wanted to know some more.  And now I know what they mean, you’re a love machine.  Oh, you make me dizzy…”  If you don’t remember this you can play it here on Pinterest.

If you want people to hear about you – and then want to find out more, make sure you have a strong, visible presence on social media.  If you don’t have that it doesn’t matter how sweet your honey tastes. (That’s a metaphor, unless you’re Mr Dutney!)  To find out more about raising your social media visibility, ask me here: @WeekendWitch.

Chinese New Year, team playing and sharing the love

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce it but I wish it to everyone celebrating the cultural amazingness of the Chinese New Year.  The festivities in London were bright and lively, despite the incessant grey rain soaking through and creating lake-like puddles.  The turnout was huge, and around the main stage in Trafalgar Square the scene resembled a cross between a Renoir painting and Mary Poppins. [Read more…]