Swerving, dancing and fancying people at work

We all know deep down that it’s the tiny things that make all the difference but do we ever stop to really think what those things are?  Let’s take your job, for example.  What’s the one thing you love most about it?  Just one thing, be specific… and don’t say it’s the people you work with (fancy), or the freedom (hanging around on the taxi rank DW) or the flexible hours (lazybones).  Think of something that makes your day worthwhile.  I do various things, as you know, but the greatest achievement has to be the smile on the face of an 85 year old on Wednesday as he sent his first email.  Watching the simple thrill of a confirmation flashing up on screen and him quietly cheering absolutely made my day.  In such a small way I changed someone’s life, and it’s really quite a privilege to say that.

And now some motoring advice for you. It really annoys me when drivers are chatting on mobiles and swerving all over the place with only one hand on the wheel.  Even more so when they’re texting!  No names, dark winding lanes, 80mph, cupcake in hand! (Actually it was a muffin, but that sounded a bit rude.)  I also can’t stand it when someone is glaring at the satnav instead of the road ahead.  High on the list of criteria when I chose my car was an integrated Bluetooth system.  Phone, maps, sounds and, most importantly, a radio that displays the names of the singers and songs.  I’ve long believed that reading whilst driving is dangerous but a quick glance to the left satisfies curiosity, especially on the trendier stations where, I admit, I don’t know all the artists. So I quite scared myself recently when I found me, one of the safest drivers I know, strangely on the wrong side of the road.  I’m a very good driver. I always indicate.  I look in the mirror, and not just at traffic lights when I’m putting on lipstick. I usually stick to the speed limit.  I watch the car two vehicles ahead.  I anticipate.  But you know what? Turns out it is not so safe to rummage about in a handbag for a phone, open its case, key in the password, scroll through to the reference folder, then Shazam whatever’s playing.  Makes you veer off over the dotted white line, and that’s not a good thing. I don’t recommend it.

Mia’s wedding was fabulous!  I’m mentioning this because in the middle of the dance floor she told me she loves this blog, and it’s still new enough for me to be happy when people say that.  She looked gorgeous – as did Jo, my oldest and very beautiful friend (LA Lady now but always an Essex girl at heart) – and we all drank lychee martinis and danced to Stevie Wonder.  If you’re still reading after eight weeks, I hope you like it too. 

I’m writing this very late and too sleepy to think of suitable lyrics to end with, so this is for those of you who know… ‘We’re strangers meeting for the first time, okay? Just smile and say hello…’  Alternatively, smile and email me, smile and text, smile and tweet, Skype, whatever…  I’ll reply! @WeekendWitch.


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