Stockings, Up the Junction and lovely honest people

Another interesting journey last week, this time involving a switch to British Rail… Cutting the story a bit short, I could be seen running through Victoria Station just around lunchtime on Thursday with less than two minutes to spare before my train left.  Probably a fairly normal sight at a major London station.  Only what may not have been so normal was me, somewhere on the wrong side of 35, with a dress so short it was riding up over my hips and stockings that – yet again – decided to slide down.  I have to say that on this occasion I did get my sons’ point, that I may be somewhat inappropriately dressed at certain times… Trying desperately to hang on to the naughty stockings and keep my coat wrapped around me without breaking speed, and almost tripping over my own dangly umbrella, I felt a thump on my back.  Spinning around, some lovely lady was holding my purse (Hello Kitty) – which I had dropped without even realising it in my determination to maintain some small measure of dignity.  I really can’t remember when I was last so grateful to anyone.  Honesty is not dead!  (Deedub has already laughed at this story, by the way, so no need to mention him this week…)

Anyway, I made it to Surrey without further mishap, to be picked up at the station by a potential client I had yet to meet.  He whizzed up in a nippy black car waving a picture of me out of the window.  “Is this you?” He called out.  And yes, it was me – in Supergirl costume with red shiny boots and a long blonde wig!!  Did I get the contract?  We have yet to see…  But, if the CEO is reading this, thank you very much for the beautiful flowers and choccies!

Riding through Clapham Junction on my way to and from Surrey I couldn’t help but sing a bit of Squeeze:  “The devil came and took me, from bar to street to bookie…” I’m pleased to say the devil doesn’t drag me anywhere, but I do go places.  So come on… follow me there: @WeekendWitch.  (As usual, please feel free to comment below…

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