Stephen Fry, rewriting the web and doing things in darkrooms

Stephen Fry really is quite charming.  I don’t often accost men as they emerge from the loo but that was too good an opportunity to miss.  Of course, he said, delighted to have a photo, he said; quick, I said – waving to the cake lady with her camera.  Then a storm of women lunged forward to share our picture. F*%^$£* Hell, he said… 

We joined in his birthday celebrations at Show Off piano bar in Leicester Square – one of the funniest nights I can remember and somewhere I definitely recommend for a good night out in London, particularly for theatrical types.  The limelight is anyone’s, and after three lychee martinis and a round of ‘There are worse things I can do,’ we left – having procured business cards from the rich and famous and missed the last train home.

I thought afterwards how I should have asked the eloquent Mr Fry to pass on my number to Alan Davies.  I was in love with him in college and there are photos somewhere of me sitting on his lap in the refectory and doing something together in the darkroom.  I messaged him once, soon after Friends Reunited began, but Gill said I sounded a bit like Annie Wilkes in Misery, so no date emerged there…  Deedub will email shortly to remind me he sat near him at school. But unless you were on his lap David, it’s not the same thing.  Not the same at all.

The world is very tiny really – and not just because Deedub and I both knew AD in his pre-fame days when he simply kept everyone entertained because that was the nature of his personality.  I met someone last night in the sing-a-long in Leicester Square who turned out to be the sister of one of my clients – how small-worldy and bizarre is that?!!  I’m currently rewriting his web content and discussing social media strategies, and she has just spent family time with him somewhere hot and beautifully blue, with tropical fish and languages I don’t understand.

So we sang songs from the musicals – Les Mis is still my favourite, Blood Brothers a close second.  And Evita still stands firm as my favourite film version.  But the first musical I loved will always lie close to my heart, and it still makes me smile when I watch it every now and then.  Glamour and glitz rule in the east coast’s Prohibition.  Gatsby fans will be expecting a certain quote here – but no, it’s not that.  As I tell people when I send my invoice for social media services rendered, or say goodbye in a London bar or at a business networking event :  “I try to leave a little reputation behind me, so if you really need to, you’ll know where to find me.”  Find me here: @WeekendWitch

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  1. Sharon Zaydner says:

    Another good Blog after a great night!! xx

  2. Gill Izen says:

    I just googled the musical…. ahhh… yes a great one!

  3. Elaine Penn says:

    Hehe. Fab blog – glad I was a part of your night out. Xxx

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