1-2-1 Social Media training

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This page is for one-to-one Social Media training.  For information about one day Social Media training courses in London please click here.

What is social media? Our London-based ONE-TO-ONE social media training course cuts to the chase and teaches you what you need to know.

This half-day session will have you communicating effectively on the top five social media sites by lunchtime…  so you can begin generating leads, making viable contacts and increasing customer loyalty immediately.

We’ll explain how you can attract meaningful connections, followers and ‘likes’.  And we’ll advise you how to phrase your updates, posts and tweets to produce the most dynamic effect. After all, we are specialists in writing in plain English to get your message across quickly and clearly. 

Why one-to-one?  So YOU benefit from our plain English copywriting skills in creating YOUR specific individual profile – you don’t receive a generic profile that applies to everyone in the room.  It’s all about you!

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Adopt a consistent marketing approach across all social media platforms to strengthen your branding
  • Present clear, well written profiles that market you and your business successfully
  • Use the right social media platforms for your business to attract and maintain meaningful connections, followers and ‘likes’
  • Increase relevant traffic to your website, generating more business
  • Understand how your social media activities contribute to raising your business in Google’s rankings


  • Create a well optimised profile that markets you and your business clearly and effectively
  • Target relevant business prospects and specific groups, and invite them to connect with you
  • Set-up a company profile to showcase your products and services
  • Attract testimonials and endorsements to promote your skills
  • Develop connections and expertise via group interaction


  • Generate a schedule of tweets to promote your business
  • Gain relevant and viable followers (quality rather than quantity – we’ll explain why!)
  • Follow and endorse clients and experts in your field
  • Develop profiles for customer care, sales and marketing, information and more
  • Familiarise yourself with Twitter etiquette and conventions
  • Use ‘hashtags’ to make your tweets easier for potential clients to find you

Facebook pages

  • Gain ‘Likes’ from relevant followers
  • Increase awareness of your business across the Internet
  • Engage with followers
  • Keep your business and personal profiles separate


  • Pinterest currently has the highest rate of traffic referral!
  • This visual social media platform is ideal for strengthening your branding
  • Learn to source, add, upload or repin ‘pins’
  • Use your ‘boards’ as marketing tools to attract customers to your website


  • Understand the importance of Google+ as an integrated platform for other Google functions
  • Promote your brand and use keywords to improve your search engine ranking
  • Post updates to encourage prospective clients to visit your website
  • Locate your business geographically to enhance your local client base

Cost: £500.

To benefit from this one-to-one social media training course, contact us today.


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