Social media to the rescue, post-apocalyptic Olympic Park and an Irish Halloween

At a pink and glittery networking party to raise money for breast cancer, a man who recently attended one of my training sessions recognised me – “Ah, the wicked witch!!”

“I’m a weekend witch,” I told him, “I train people in social media during the week.”

“Ok, whatever – but I think you have a wicked side…”  Hmmmm.  Cast my spell on him anyway – he suddenly needs my help to rewrite his website and market his business on-line. So a tiny bit of wickedness is ok, right?

I got stuck on another website I’m creating this week, when I needed to resize a whole batch of photos and I didn’t have a clue where to start.  Hooray for Twitter!!  I posted a tweet asking for help and within minutes a lovely guy named Elliott replied with a suggestion of how to go about it.  Being more trekkie than techie I took one look at the instructions and switched back over to Facebook games in denial.  I tweeted Elliott to say thanks, but I’m too dumb to understand his suggestion, and he replied by email with a full, step-by-step guide, including screen prints with coloured circles.  How kind was that?!  So you see… there’s no problem you can’t solve by engaging with social media.  It will be really nice if you can like Elliott’s Facebook page, thanks.

A supposedly quick trip to Westfield yesterday to buy an iPad mini turned out to be a crazy afternoon, with unbelievably manic shoppers – I can’t tell you how horrible it was.  Fed up with being bashed in the thighs by other people’s swinging shopping bags and crashed into by buggies, I escaped to the John Lewis Olympic viewing gallery to sit in peace for a while.  What a difference to the last time I was there: bereft of people, grey and sad looking.  Canary Wharf’s skyline shimmered faintly in the distance as dusk fell; between them and me was pure darkness.  Odd lights inside the stadium shone dimly with bars of glowing orange dotted around and red spots amongst the post-apocalyptic-style black emptiness. I half expected to see a hoard of gruesome zombies emerge from the gloom, like the prison in Friday night’s Walking Dead… which is quite timely, I guess, with Halloween in just a couple of days. 

I’ll be celebrating it in Ireland this year (travelling by plane or broomstick?), so to anyone expecting my home-made pumpkin and brown sugar tarts… I’m sorry.  Instead of dishing out sweeties to the neighbourhood kids, I’ll be floating along a rugged coastline in my black hat and suede boots with my friend Angie.  In years gone by she would have been burnt at the stake too, simply for having beautiful auburn hair.  How lucky we are to be living in more tolerant times… in this country, anyway.

I’ll be out of social media touch for a few days, but if you’d like to hitch a ride on my broomstick I’ll be happy to take you… As Frankie says, “Witchcraft, wicked witchcraft… although I know it’s strictly taboo. When you arouse the need in me, my heart says “Yes, indeed” in me – proceed with what you’re leadin’ me to…” I can lead you anywhere, follow me: @WeekendWitch.

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