Social media shopping, voting for a hero and a sparkly-eyed boy

The nominations are open for the Soldiering On People’s Choice Award.  I’ve worked with this amazing charity for three years, and the people I’ve met have been exceptional, inspirational and damn nice folks.  I’d had little involvement in, or knowledge of, military matters before I was introduced to the founders of Soldiering On.  The work I’ve subsequently been involved in has opened up my eyes to a world I’d previously seen only in passing, as I flicked through my newspaper on the crowded tube on my way to a gallery or networking lunch or cream-fuelled afternoon tea.

The men and women who fight for our safety don’t get the recognition they deserve – even less so for those that are injured in the line of duty. The Soldiering On Awards recognise and celebrate those people (and animals!), casting them into the limelight to raise awareness of their achievements and any charities that have supported them along the way.  If you can spare a few minutes while you sip your macchiato, please read these stories and vote for the nominee you’d like to see honoured at this year’s award ceremony.  Thank you.  By the way, Jeremy Vine is hosting this year.  He may or may not be dancing; I honestly couldn’t say – and I can’t yet reveal who the entertainment will be.  But it will be a fantastic night if you fancy putting on your glad rags and joining me!

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media training | Plain English training | Plain English editing | copywritingI’ve started an Amazon shop!  It currently contains a range of books on social media, and I’ll be adding others relating to plain English business writing and time management soon.  I think I’m one of the few women I know that hates shopping.  Traipsing around stores, either liking nothing or becoming so overwhelmed by the choice that I have to clear my head with a large slice of chocolate cake – it’s all too much.

Bookshops, however, are the exception.  I’ve spent many a happy hour in my favourite one in Holborn, browsing the art section, leafing through everything in the esoteric corner and glimpsing (but not buying) mouth-watering recipe books.  So an on-line book shop suits me, and I’m happy to be sharing tools to help you get started.

I attended a business meeting last week that impressed me more than you could ever imagine.  My accountants recommended me to one of their clients – and he turned out to be someone who’d played in my garden as a small child!  Avi is now a successful and respected web designer with a digital agency operating out of Shoreditch.  Yet I remember him as a sparkly-eyed five-year-old who played football with Ben after school.  It’s going to be fun working together!

I finally got to see Sunny Afternoon, the west end show about the Kinks’ early footsteps then later leaps into the music world.  Fab show – highly recommended; people were dancing in the aisles.  I quoted the Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset two weeks ago, before getting the show tickets, so wasn’t sure whether to quote them again today – but I love this. I knew it as a Pretenders’ track so I’m sharing that video rather than Ray Davies’ version.  Anyway, I’ve met Chrissie Hynde and not Mr Davies, although my friend Sue danced with him at the Ilford Palais for the Come Dancing video in 1982. But my ex-boyfriend Brian’s friend Nick inspired Brass in Pocket, and that story is one of my all-time favourites, so I’m going with this…

‘When I look up from my pillow I dream you are there, with me.  Though you are far away I know you’ll always be near to me.  I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you’re there with me.’

I could be there with you.  Otherwise I’ll be here, like always: @WeekendWitch.

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