Social media meets Trance music, Cancer research and another networking catastrophe

Another networking catastrophe, another broken heel and another episode of grabbing part of a man’s anatomy that a lady really shouldn’t be grabbing at a first meeting!  The invitation was harmless enough: “Complimentary drinks and snacks in the early evening sunshine, on a hotel terrace overlooking the Olympic Park. Superb networking opportunity, impress new business contacts.”  Yes, yes and no.  The terrace decking looked attractive from a distance, but stepping onto it was another story.  The gaps were a good inch wide and, as if that wasn’t nerve-racking enough some 35 feet above ground level, my lovely, shiny pink stiletto went straight through, sending me wobbling diagonally into the path of a rather nice looking man who laughed as he caught me.  That happened about five times.  Carol in her suede pumps thought it was very funny, as did the men who somehow ended up in my palm.  I had several LinkedIn invitations by the time I got home… falling over does seem to have advantages to me in business for some strange reason!!  Incidentally, at no point did I spill a drop of my complimentary prosecco, or a forkful the delicious mushroom and asparagus risotto.

Friday brought the arrival of some fabulous new businesses friends – Zirenz are classically trained musicians who’ve topped the Trance charts with their pulsating beat and atmospheric vocals.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, check out this cool video. (Unless you have a fish phobia, in which case choose another one!)  We met at a Women in Business lunch and spent our time disseminating social media strategies and recalling our individual stories of meeting Boy George.  Hopefully we’ll have a happy business relationship ahead, but either way, I have a new favourite soundtrack for my physio sessions…

And speaking of keeping fit, my lovely zumba-pilates-spin friend Mel has just landed in China all kitted out to walk the wall!  She’s raising bucketsful of money for Cancer Research during her ten-day trip.  I can’t remember exactly how far she said she’ll be trekking, but I think it’s something like 100 miles of pretty tough terrain.  Wishing Mel a very safe and happy trip!!  If any of my WeekendWitch or Facebook followers would like to donate to Cancer Research via Mel’s JustGiving page she would greatly appreciate it, every penny truly does count. 

And in case you’re wondering, she’s wearing sensible walking shoes.  We’re coming to the end of sandal weather so you won’t be hearing many more tales of my pink stilettos.  But this had to happen, didn’t it…  ‘I once met a man with a sense of adventure, he was dressed to thrill wherever he went.  He said “Let’s make love on a mountain top, under the stars on a big hard rock.”  I said, “In these shoes?  I don’t think so.”’

Wishing all my Jewish friends, family and followers a happy and honey-cake filled holiday this week.   Whatever your beliefs, follow me to the party! 

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