Social media meetings, life goals and unconditional love

Last Monday I caught up with a new friend, met through a women’s networking area.  Bex Hazard is one of the internationally acclaimed Trance music duo Zirenz.  We battled the lunchtime crowds around South Molten Street and spent a couple of hours putting the world to rights in a French café.  I then darted across London to Spitalfields where I spent the evening with branding consultant Jason, a friendship cultivated over Twitter.

In relaying tales of this day, my strategic business planning partners showed great concern for my safety, so I should state at this point that I met Jason in a crowded place, and we had a drink in a public bar.  I’m not as silly as some people imagine, and would like to think that I’m streetwise and astute enough to judge a character fairly accurately.  I’ve had a lot of practice, and I’m usually on the money.  I certainly wouldn’t condone younger people meeting friends they’ve met through social media, but when it’s business people networking, it’s become normal practice to meet over coffee or lunch and, yes, bottles of pink wine have been shared…

12.12.12 – now that was something different!!  1200 people gathered in a central London festival of light and sound to usher in a new dawn.  Well… a new evening: it started at 7pm. It turns out that throughout the year, energy has been pouring in to London to activate the Earth Star Chakra of the planet! I was one of the 1200 people called upon to “create a physical circle of light and sound to form a gateway for the Divine Consciousness to enter.”  Apparently, I experienced first-hand “the rainbow of energy produced en masse by unconditional love, peace, joy, compassion, vision and pure intent, as we re-established our connection to the All-That-Is and brought in the silver ray of Divine Feminine energy to perfectly balance the Divine Masculine.”

It wasn’t exactly how I imagined unconditional love and joy to manifest, but I was happy with my bowl of chips and ketchup. Having survived the new world order, the following evening I managed to hobble on extremely high heels to a fabulous party at the studio of my fashion photographer clients.  I can’t tell you what ridiculous thing happened to me – and my guest – but I promise you would laugh! It didn’t even involve the ice skating rink that bordered the dance floor, smothered in dry ice and full of alcohol-induced laughter.

The party was such fun… It was organised in collaboration with Zandra Rhodes – she’s certainly one amazing lady – tiny in stature but a huge, huge presence and a major, outrageous influence in British fashion for more than four decades.  I hope I have bright pink hair when I’m 72!! In fact, having achieved two of my life goals this year, that would be a good replacement to strive for.  Remind me of that in a fortnight when I’m writing my resolutions please…

I’ve spoken before of my years working in fashion buying – and in fact, I remember seeing Zandra Rhodes at a fashion show in 1984.  Also around that time, Holly Johnson walked in to one of our stores and bought a

Different song but more interesting cover

Swarovski brooch I’d chosen – the shop manager called us at head office and we were dancing around to Welcome to the Pleasuredome.  The latest version of this is popular today, but you can’t beat the original.  The video’s very appropriate this week, and not just because of my experience on 12.12.12…

“Dreams are like angels, they keep bad at bay; love is the light scaring darkness away…” Make love your goal (mine is pink hair)!

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