Social media city, Shystie and my collection of graphic designers

I’ve recently been accused of collecting graphic designers.  In my defense, I do know several and am friends with a couple.  But it’s not an active ’seek and ye will find’ type of collection – most of them found me – mainly on LinkedIn!  Then we start chatting on Twitter, or we meet at London networking events and have coffee, or wine.  I have a theory that it’s down to a monochrome profile pic – designers seem to want to colourise my life.  So to set the record straight, my eyes are blue.  So is my logo. 

Actually, working relationships develop alongside friendships, and some of my favourite projects have come via recommendations from designers, or sub-contracts writing the content for websites they’re creating.  Designers are fun to work with!

So it’s not all about art envy… although I am sometimes jealous of people who enjoyed a few years crayoning at art college before launching into the career of their dreams.  I did have that choice but I turned down my place the day before term began, art box and portfolio neatly stacked against the wall, destined to remain empty save for a few pieces of GCE work that remain in my loft to this day.

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This is one of the reasons I love working with creative people and being surrounded by colour.  At the vibrancy of London Fashion Week, Nasir Mazhar’s range was showcased by dancers surrounding Shystie, belting out her signature rap.  That was a pretty cool and dynamic show!  I will quietly admit that I’d never heard of her but I definitely know who she is now.  But – importantly – she was dressed in a long fuchsia number with a pink furry jacket that I would like, and the models/dancers around her were clashingly bright and gorgeous. 

As the lucky Mrs Loud, and later Patti Russo, asked: Will you make me some magic with your own two hands? Can you build an Emerald city with these grains of sand? Can you give me something I can take home?

Come along to my training day and we’ll make magic together – I’ll help you build a social media city (in any colour!) where you can create a whole new community to engage with, and I’ll definitely give you something to take home.  Book here for your early bird 20% discount!   Chat here: @WeekendWitch.

(Yes, it’s a real word – a graphic designer told me!)

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