Snogging, stalking and nearly playing games with Bowie

Quite surprised at how many people have tweeted their way through Christmas.  I expected it of Facebook, but being a fledgling twitterer this is my first holiday season.  And I have to say that, amidst all the sparkle and cranberry-stuffed build up to Christmas, Twitter’s been kind of a highlight.  Considering I live my life glued to my laptop and phone, I know I’ve arrived slightly late at this party and haven’t made the grandest of entrances.  I snuck in quietly and after 11 weeks have 120 followers and some good business contacts, not too shabby for someone with nothing much to say.  And I read somewhere that engaging in social media gives the same oxytocin spike as snogging, so happiness all round…

Unlike Bro-Lo, I don’t use Twitter to stalk people – those days are well and truly over.  As Gill pointed out in Chocochinos over chorizo and haloumi salads, we were stalking way before stalking was fashionable.  1982… Staring all night at doorways in the freezing cold waiting for a glimpse of him, club crawling with Bev to find the right place to dance in front of the right people on Christmas eve (and many other eves), following cars zooming around roundabouts the wrong way (dare not mention who was driving). Note to my teenage readers – do not try this at home!!  Although, backtracking for a sec, I think I did accidentally make dates with a couple of people on Twitter last week, so in dating terms it’s actually been more successful than the 80s stalking turned out to be – if only we’d had social media back then.  We would certainly have been a lot warmer.

So no Twitter stalking – just a lovely gathering of new friends.  Thank you very much for reading me each week, and special thanks to those of you who were strangers before but tell me you look forward to this blog – I’m happy to be brightening up your Monday.  As you may have guessed, Steven’s not entirely pleased about my activities this year.  Apparently blogging about rude photos, picking up cyber boyfriends and drinking wine with LinkedIn men is not what well behaved wives do with their time, so I guess in this season of goodwill I’d better publicly thank him for his love and support. (Then quickly delete the Facebook links – after all, I do have a reputation to maintain!)

I stood close to David Bowie once.  He was with Zowie, playing Atari games, and I wasn’t brave enough to speak to him – and, for some strange reason, neither was Maz.  He said this in ’77 but I think it’s still a pretty good Christmas hope to share: “I pray my wish will come true, for my child and your child too.  He’ll see the day of glory, see the day when men of good will – live in peace, live in peace again.”  I hope the rest of this festive week is as peaceful or crazy as you want it to be and I wish you a fantastic New Year.  You might not be following me in a conga on Saturday night, but you’re always welcome to follow me on Twitter… @WeekendWitch. 

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