Skyping, Rumours and the power of social networking

Busy week on the marketing front, not least of all promoting tonight’s concert at the London Palladium to raise money for the wonderful soldiers’ charity, Coming Home.  The soldiers are singing with the amazing Robin Gibb, one of the world’s greatest musicians and songwriters.  The power of social networking eh?!  Thousands of tickets sold in a matter of days simply by spreading the word via the vast spiders’ web of Twitter followers’ followers and email lists.  And a big thank you to everyone who retweeted it.  I must say, it’s made a welcome change from training.  Not that I don’t love that – but since advertising that all sessions come with home-made muffins my oven’s got very confused; it’s really not used to being hot so often. So anyway, tonight at the after-show party in a swanky London club, I’ll try not to let the complimentary champagne go to my head – after all, no one will be pleased if I try to drag Robin Gibb into a duet of Islands in the Stream. (Yes, he wrote that, and yes, David, I’m not ashamed to admit I know all the words!)

I never saw the Bee Gees in concert (too young, obviously…) but I did see Fleetwood Mac three times.  I mention this because last weekend was the 35th anniversary of the launch of Rumours – my all-time favourite album.  Gill still hasn’t forgiven me for dragging her along to Wembley in 1987 – can’t imagine what made me think she’d enjoy it, and I wish I could remember why I didn’t take my ex-boyfriend Dale – he loved that album too and we spent a week in Menorca playing that and nothing else.  On a sad note, I also saw Whitney Houston around that time and feel she merits a mention today – another tragic end to a life too short.  Her early albums play throughout our wedding film. (Yes, I’m married – apparently, according to Steven, no one knows that.) Although I still wear the dress, I haven’t watched the film for years, but she’ll always be there in the background, singing her heart out.

Music has really soundtracked my life and I would like to include it more in training sessions and motivational talks, but I can’t work out how to add it to my interactive presentations.  If anyone has any ideas, please do email… for someone who teaches computing in the community I’m a bit rubbish at the more technical aspects.  I’ve only just figured out how to Skype – and isn’t that fun?!  Apart from its obvious use (think what you like!) it’s been suggested that I should run mini training sessions and make YouTube videos.  Maybe I’ll do that once I sort out my new website and teach myself not to burst out laughing whenever a camera is pointed at me.  Which has just reminded me of something completely random that will have no meaning to you… I love it when something happens or you quote half a sentence and someone dissolves in giggles but no one else knows what’s going on.  I do love sky.  It’s in the mini.  Come and visit me soon Munch!!

As my new best friend Robin said: ‘Well I have to follow you, though you did not want me to; but that won’t stop my loving you, I just can’t stay away.’  So follow me back.  Please… @WeekendWitch

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