Silver vaults, business growth and social media training for winners

I found a most wonderful place this week, nestled in the heart of Chancery Lane – the London Silver Vaults.  For someone like me, collector of antique silver art nouveau miniature books and angel mirrors (yes, really!) this is a veritable haven of loveliness!! I was on my to a boring meeting when I stumbled upon this place.  I love vaults anyway; they’re mysterious and hold echoes of ancient goings-on.

Apparently, the vaults hold the largest collection of silver in the world.  30 little shops are hidden far below street level and accessed through tunnels and iron doors.  So if you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas this year…

Imaginative Training | social media blog | social media trainingOn Thursday I ran a social media training session at UEL for the Fit for Legacy programme.  Arriving early, I sat at the edge of the Thames watching the planes take off from City Airport, reminding me that I haven’t booked a holiday yet.  My friend Mark (for whom I have run social media sessions at his enterprise centre for small businesses) recently spoke of a diving holiday in the Red Sea.  I do like the idea of swimming mermaid-like along the coral reef but he wants me to sleep on a boat.  For an aquaphobic, it’s probably not the best way to spend August. (Yes it is me in his video being greedy at the buffet, as usual…)

Anyway, the UEL training session was fun.  I met some super people, running unusual and interesting businesses.  Someone stores the actual film of Harry Potter – the original tape, on old-fashioned reels.  (At least, that’s how I picture it.)  It sounded magical.  Someone else creates beautiful mosaics and another person makes caramelised coconut delicacies.  I sampled some!  (I sampled many.)

It’s fantastic to work with people who are open to new ideas and genuinely want to see their businesses grow. That’s my favourite thing about training – and it’s been a busy week for that!  I also ran a training session on Monday at my accountants’ office.  I’ve mentioned my accountants before: they’re different to others as they totally focus on helping their clients grow their businesses – mainly through strategic planning and specific business growth techniques.

Nordens are more than just numbers, and have been recognised with various industry awards based on their proactive approach to making their clients’ dreams come true.  This week, they’re up for another two awards.  As I wrote their nominations, they’ve kindly invited me to join them for the posh, glitzy dinner on Thursday.  I can’t wait.  Please keep your fingers crossed for them.

Their positive approach to business growth is inspirational to owner-led businesses like mine.  They replicate their own successes for their clients’ benefit, so some of what we do is quite similar.  As Errol Brown says (frequently, in my house):  ‘Never could explain just what was happening to me, just one touch of you and I’m aflame.  Baby, it’s amazing just how wonderful it is – that the things we like to do are just the same.’

Certificate or no certificate, everyone’s a winner for sure.  I’ll be tweeting about it – and if you’ve won anything – or are proud of your achievements, tell me – I’ll happily retweet that too: @WeekendWitch.

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