Playing golf, singing with a diva and the very best business advice

Hot on the heels of my dalliance with football, you might be surprised to hear that I’m now a golf supremo, of sorts.  This week I was invited to not one, but two spectacular golf days.  The first one is being held next week, and for some unknown reason, the invitation – arrive at 7am for bacon rolls then play – was followed by an email saying I wasn’t actually allowed to play but could go for the lovely lunch.  The subtext methinks is that I am rubbish at sports.  Rude?  

The second invitation, which is for an

See? Expert!

event the following week, also precludes me from playing.  Oh when will I ever get my chance to ride that little buggy into the sandbanks??  This one sounds very grand – luxurious country hotel, gala dinner and entertainment, then stay over for breakfast.  Count me in!!  It’s a shared room – I’m whispering that very quietly, because wherever you are in the world, chances are you can hear Steven screaming “What??!!!”  It’s all business, of course.  Networking…

If you passed through Soho on Tuesday you might have heard me singing.  I spent the afternoon and much of the evening with eighties diva Lonnie Gordon, back in London for a Stock, Aitken and Waterman festival. Sitting with her agents outside a wonderfully garlicky restaurant in Dean Street, choosing covers for her to perform – her voice was pure soul cream, powerful and rich; mine was fingernails down a chalkboard.  They laughed at the thought of my karaoke efforts, but life’s about having fun, right? 

As you read this, I’m having fun.  I’m on my way to meet someone I haven’t seen for twelve years.  I’ve received loads of excellent business guidance over the years, but Danny gave me what have undoubtedly been the best two pieces of advice, and I’m happy to share them with you.

1.  As a trainer:

  • tell them what you’re gonna tell them
  • tell them
  • tell them what you’ve told them

2.  As a consultant:  charge what you’re worth.


St Katherine's Dock

I’ve stuck to those principles for 16 years and say a silent thank you to Danny every time I invoice for a successful training event.  Today he’s taking me to lunch at St Katherine’s Dock.  I’m not saying I will be drinking pink wine, but if you see me tottering along a District Line tube platform this evening looking a bit confused, you’ll know why.  

Maybe if I’m lucky Deedub will pass by in his taxi and rescue me, but it will be late.  ‘Sitting in the morning sun, I’ll be sitting when the evening’s done.’  Sit with me.  Or follow me… @WeekendWitch

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  1. I can see why you arent invited to golf days… need to look at the golf ball….not at the camera !!!


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