Peeling off the layers, pleasure sensations and lighting the way

The Olympic torch passed through Essex with music, dancing, streamers and free bottles of diet coke.  We dragged ourselves out of bed at 7 – way too early for a Sunday morning, but spurred on by the lure of a free breakfast served in the park.  As it turned out, the queue were so long it was quicker to drive up to Abridge, which we did, although I wasn’t even hungry after one of Felisa’s massive barbeques the night before. (Thank you!) The avocado and strawberry salad was quite wonderful!!  Not sure if I’m allowed to say Olympic torch – I’ve said it twice now; three times a charm: Olympic torch!! Apparently the British O****** sponsors have placed a ban on unauthorised use of official O******* phrases and the ‘advert enforcement officers’ or whatever they’re called come down heavy handed on perpetrators.  Not exactly what the Pointer Sisters ordered.

Tuesday’s golf day was fun!  As you may remember, I wasn’t allowed to play, but I was invited to eat the delicious lunch and laze about in the garden chatting to friends, old and new.  And I met a Lord.  Yes, a real one (according to his posh business card), although perhaps not born and bred…  But he was charming and saved me a seat at the top table, bidding on auction items on my behalf and running about to get me extra sausages and caramelised onions and whatever else I desired.  Don’t remember seeing him when I had afternoon tea at Westminster, but there you go.  Several people contacted me after the golf day to arrange meetings for writing web content, social media training and eating dinner in exciting places.  I never knew sport involved so much food – would have started playing much sooner.

Someone told me this week that I’m a complex mass of layers that can be peeled off to reveal more.  Now, that could be misinterpreted, but it actually made me think of my favourite poem, which is about an onion. I don’t think that’s what he intended.  (it’s Valentine, by Carol Ann Duffy – if you’re interested.)  And someone emailed to say I’m a beautiful lady, which is obviously nice to hear, being on the wrong side of 40…  Before you say it, Deedub, no he wasn’t wearing glasses!  (Contacts, maybe.)  Anyway, for some reason, I got into trouble for that!!  And no doubt I’ll be in even more trouble for writing it; if so, expect me to respond in a very unladylike way.

Thanks for all the emails of support after I moaned about my thesis last week.  I did spend two hours working on it in Starbucks at Euston on Thursday, after admiring London from the 37th floor.  I still couldn’t concentrate.  The sun was shining, people were smiling, I wanted to be lying on the grass with a Pimms and a Magnum.  So now, instead of a carrying out a functional systemic linguistic analysis, I’m thinking about the Magnum Infinity Pleasure Pod, the world’s first bio-responsive food installation. ‘Designed to translate the intense pleasure sensations people experience while eating the new Magnum Infinity ice cream, into digital artwork.’  Art, ice cream, pleasure sensations… I’ll never get any work done now!

We didn’t have Magnums in 1982, but we had Soft Cell.  “See my eyes they are bright tonight.  see my hands reaching out tonight.  Hear my words they are dynamite – see how they light your way tonight.”  Follow me into the light… @WeekendWitch


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  1. Thanks for the mention. Talking of soft cell, I saw Marc Almond last week!!
    Good seeing you both on Saturday and lets do that lunch some time soon.

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