Masterclass, floristry and big bums at Easter

As well as presenting workshops, I do like to attend them sometimes to get a fresh perspective.  Plus it’s nice to spend the time sitting comfortably instead of trying to keep my balance for three hours on thin pointy heels.  So I recently spent an evening at the Guardian offices in Kings Cross – fantastic place, full of energy and dynamism.  The reason I ventured north of the central line, all alone on a cold Monday night, was to attend a masterclass in journalism with foodie Jay Rayner.  I was supposed to be going with a business friend who’d said he was interested in setting up a food blog, but he stood me up!  Jetted off to Barcelona for a few days instead!  I wouldn’t have minded a few days wandering around the Parc de la Cuitadella, but hey ho.

Jay (first name terms!) was a witty and entertaining presenter and I didn’t mention the run-in we had with his late mother some years ago.  Sadly, I hadn’t had dinner and the only food on offer was a small bowl of crisps, so listening to him speak for three hours on restaurant reviews didn’t help my rumbling tummy.  Red wine was flowing though, and I made friends with a very nice Australian hotel catering manager who kept me entertained during the breaks.

imaginatve training social media blog | social media trainingThere was no red wine – or any other coloured wine – at my own last session, although the selection of herbal teas was very pleasing and the platter of chocolate biscuits went down a storm.  It was my first session for Fit for Legacy at UEL’s Knowledge Dock and I have to say, it was possibly the nicest training venue I’ve worked in.  Bright, with a wall full of windows (not as normal as you might think) and a lovely long curved sofa that would have been good for some sort of interesting games, if we’d been there to play…

The flowers in the room were lovely too, and reminded meimaginatve training social media blog | social media training of the beautiful displays created by my Facebook friend Susan Steiner.  A multi-talented lady who also designs fascinators (those, teeny fancy hats that look fab at Ascot), Susan is now selling her floristry around east London and Essex.  She’s starting to use social media to help grow her business, so check out her Facebook page if you’re thinking about sending a stylish Easter bouquet.

Of course I’m mentioning Easter this week… plenty of time to polish off half a dozen chocolate eggs before the big day.  I’ve already made my way through two boxes of Guylian Belgian seashells this week!  And with a couple of days of fantastic Passover meals starting tonight (with thanks to my two lovely cousins – Susan tonight and Sharon tomorrow), this song is beginning to describe me well…

“Oh, won’t you take me home tonight?  Oh, down beside your red fire light?”  (Tenuous link here: Susan’s daughter Dalit studied at Liverpool John Moores University, where astrophysicist Brian May (did you know that?) was chancellor!  Anyway, you can’t take me home tonight – with a cupboard full of Easter chocolate I’m going nowhere!!  Happy Pesach, Happy Easter, Happy Everything!!  @WeekendWitch.

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