Making changes, fantastic people and setting ourselves up (for success or failure?)

The last blog of the year is traditionally a chance to look back and review the successes (and failures) of the previous twelve months.  Some people argue that you shouldn’t focus on negatives; what’s done is done – move on.  But if we don’t assess what we could have done better, how can we improve?

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people during 2013.  Congratulations to my clients who have won awards, been finalists in major industry competitions, got married, had babies, expanded and moved to larger premises, opened new businesses and generally had a super-productive 2013.  Most of it has been documented on social media, of course, either through blogs or tweeted, naturally.

This is also a good time to look at what we’ve lost.  And whom… Political giants: Margaret Thatcher, the ice cream lady who proved a role model for a generation of women; and Nelson Mandela, activist, revolutionary and philanthropist.  Talented entertainers who now perform in mystic realms include Lou Reed and Richard Briers – both staples of my childhood.

The pearl ring I bought after a six month search for the perfect golden swirl is now lost forever in a world of orphaned jewellery, along with my original silver pen and gold charm bracelet.  Small, selfish things to mention alongside the passing of world leaders, but it’s important to acknowledge our own individual losses, however inconsequential, as they’re the ones that often linger in our thoughts.  Don’t forget to weigh up any losses against your gains though… I’m still quite pleased about receiving my masters degree and scuba diving certificates, a couple of opportunities to speak at parliament and some lovely new clients.

After a Christmas week full of an incredible amount of chocolate, much of it home-made especially for me, I should be telling you about my forthcoming diet.  But how boring would that be?!   Instead, I’m not making any new year resolutions this year as I seldom stick to them, and I’ve rarely met anyone else who does.  So why set ourselves up for failure?  Instead, let’s set ourselves up for success by focusing on longer term smart goals and strategies to ensure our lives are what we want them to be.  This always involves change – whether major or minor – and a written down and regularly reviewed strategy made at any time of the year is more likely to be a successful one than a hasty, bubble-fuelled suggestion of a fast track to happiness.

My first strategy is to run more training courses during the year.  I’ve been told that my Time Management for Business session on January 14th at Canary Wharf is practically sold out already, so I’ll be adding some new dates during the month.

So if you really want to make changes, what are you waiting for?  For some things there’s never a right time, we just have to take a huge leap and hope we don’t land in a puddle!  If you’re leaping into 2014, believe that where you land is where you’re supposed to be.  And if it does turn out to be a murky pool of water, grab a snorkel and look deep below the surface – mermaids are dancing down there.

Whatever you’re doing for New Year’s Eve and however you plan to start your 2014, I hope it’s fun, successful and filled with happiness, laughter and enough craziness to make each day count.  As Lou Reed told us, ‘Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets, looking for soul food and a place to eat.  Went to the Apollo, you should’ve seen them go, go, go…’  If you want to go go go in this new year, I’m happy to show you the way. You’re welcome to follow me there:  @WeekendWitch.

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