Lunch with Tom Jones, savvy sales people and lighting up London

I’m writing this at 1am so please forgive any typos or nonsense… Watching the Olympics closing ceremony tonight, we felt privileged to be Londoners. (Apart from some rubbish music – and where were Sting and Phil Oakey?) We watched the fireworks light up the sky from a distance, spreading colour and warmth across the city.  It’s been a spectacular summer for our capital, and how great if the British spirit we’ve witnessed this year continues!  We’ll see…

I’ve been into town a few times this week – mainly for food, making up for all the nights lately I’ve forgotten to eat dinner. The fabulous RAC Club sits proudly amongst the opulence of Pall Mall, a certain gem in the heart of Georgian SW1, with its elegant murals and crystal chandeliers, and a beautifully presented meal.  Being so elegant myself, I fitted right in – for two minutes anyway, until I dropped an olive in my lap. My new friend, a business acquaintance met at a golf club charity dinner, made a valiant attempt to clean my thigh with white wine…  Nice.  Dinner that night was so wonderful it encouraged me to seek out more lovely food.  So Friday’s lunch at the Savoy was ideal!  Not networking, simply lunching with friends and having a perfect day.  (Happy birthday to Carol, by the way, the savviest sales expert I know!)  We didn’t ask to sit next to Tom Jones, he chose that table, and both Mel and I maturely fought back the urge to dance on the table singing Mama told me not to come.

Between bouts of eating out, I’ve been huddled in a corner of the library all week, so you might be pleased to know there’ll be no more moaning – I’ve completed my dissertation!!  I still have to tackle a couple of hours of referencing, so I’m probably back there right now, as you’re reading this.  Thank you J, for keeping me entertained during what would otherwise have been a very tedious couple of weeks.

Something else wonderful happened this week, although it’s not funny or glamorous, but I hope word will spread… Some of you know that I campaign to raise awareness of childhood stroke and I moderate a Facebook page.  Now, working with Liz, Nancy and a band of leading neurologists crusading for publicity, the impact of our work has prompted the Stroke Association to add an information page to its website, as well as securing funding to provide support to young stroke survivors. Thanks and well done Patrick. (Not Doctor Patrick, a different Patrick!)  It’s so great when we can actually make things happen!

So appropriately, today, in more ways than one… for our young stroke survivors, and Britain’s Olympic medallists:  Nothing, nothing will keep us together; we can beat them, forever and ever.  Oh, we can be heroes, just for one day. 

Some people are heroes every day – and you know who you are.  Anyway, we can keep together… just follow me: @WeekendWitch

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