London Fashion Week, networking and grabbing inappropriate body parts

London fashion Week was amazing.  The vibrancy of colours, the dynamism of the crowd and the slinkiness of the models parading up and down the catwalk.  If you’ve never seen it, it really is quite something to see!  Aminaka Wilmont’s 2012 autumn winter collection is one of the most powerful and sensually provocative ranges I’ve seen for a long time.  They describe their work as ‘flowing and innovative silhouettes embracing soft, voluminous draping of effortless complexity and avant-garde tailoring.’  Enough said?  I never usually ask for business on-line, but pleeease – these are dresses I would kill for – and I need to run a fair few extra training sessions to justify spending $1200 on a dress. But they are truly gorgeous.

We spent a couple of hours before the show in a Soho wine bar where a lot of networking goes on.  A funny twitter follower remarked recently that networking = not working!  Although that made me laugh (and yes, it definitely does apply to me sometimes, and Bro-Lo most of the time), it has to be said that sometimes relaxed, casual chatting over a glass of wine really can develop solid business connections and lead to securing new clients and lucrative deals.  Networking works…. don’t underestimate its power.

The only downside to networking in London is that I don’t much like the underground.  I’m fairly certain I’ve already told you about overcoming my phobia, but it’s never going to be my favourite thing.  Still, all those years of commuting brought with them their own batch of events, incidents and strange and wonderful occurrences that simply can’t be wiped from history.  Like the time Gill asked to borrow my hairbrush.  It just so happened that the same day, Joan had needed to brush her hair before rushing off to an impromptu meeting and didn’t have her own brush for some reason, so she’d asked to use mine.  Before passing it over the desk I had quickly yanked out all the hair that accumulates and shoved it in my bag to dispose of later.  So there we were that evening, merrily riding the central line, when I took my brush from my bag and watched frozen as the hairball floated in slow motion, up, over and hovered above my neighbouring passenger.  Suddenly reaching out in a panic to quickly retrieve it I missed the hairball but grabbed something else!! Let’s just say that I don’t know how that man managed to carry on reading his paper despite a very red face, or how I managed to stop laughing long enough to tell Gill why all the people opposite were in hysterics.  Sometimes I wonder if he still tells that story…. I certainly do!!

People are invariable grumpy on the train, and there’s really no need; as we’ve just seen, there’s nothing wrong with sharing the love.  So, ‘People all over the world (everybody) – join hands, start a love train, love train…’  And while you’re holding my hand it’s so easy to follow me –  so here I am, take my hand: @WeekendWitch

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