Is anyone listening?

So I’ve decided to blog.  There are reasons – not self- promotion as you may imagine – but following months of nagging from colleagues who seem to think I have plenty to say.  But does anyone actually want to hear it? Well anyway, here it is.  Welcome!  Hmmm, so where do I start?  And where do I put it?  On my website?  Clearly I have, but not ideal… there’s no point writing about business issues if it’s only going to be read by Gill and maybe David.  Who else exactly would be interested enough to read 500 words about my day?  So, as you can see, I’m assuming anyone still reading at this point knows my people, knows all the stuff.  I don’t need to disguise anyone, use pseudonyms or explain who is what. Just take it if they’re here, they’re important.  Or at least weird enough for a mention.  On Facebook?  No… never seen blogging there.  Although Facebook friends tell me I’m funny… I don’t see it, never thought of myself as amusing – apart from on the pink wine days, obviously!! I do make myself laugh but surely that’s a bit odd and not what I’d want to be telling the world. Steven says I’ve got no sense of humour and the rest of my family just think I’m a bit strange – but in the best possible way, apparently.  I don’t yet have a big enough audience on Twitter to make it valuable so I simply steal snippets from other, more eloquent tweeters (dutifully acknowledged, of course). And LinkedIn just seems an excellent way to stalk people I fancied at work in years gone by.

And then the issue of what to blog about?  A lot of what happens in my life is too bizarre to be believable.  Unfabricated, unadulterated madness that really does happen. Shall I risk telling you about it? Do my views count? Friends don’t like it when my opinionated side shows its face – those rants tend to be on social issues and women things, occasionally political, rarely football-related and sometimes cultural – or lack of.  I’m not a slave to fashion and my eclectic music taste confuses many.  My friends know what pisses me off (can you say that in a www blog?) but aren’t blogs meant to be upbeat?  I can tell you about my life on a daily basis – although it’s hardly glamorous (although I have met many, many famous people, and I can tell some superb stories there – some totally true, selected ones rehashed a bit, and a few made up as I go along…).  So tell me what you want to know:  What I do apart from sleeping and watching hours of reruns of Frasier and West Wing, laptop on, well, lap? The advice I give to people when we’re in the oxygen tank? Expanded versions of the nonsense I put on Facebook? How I can now manage to go out for lunch without my stockings falling down? It’s all progress. It’s my life – and, as John Lennon said, life is just what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.

pPease post a comment below to tell me what you’d like to know.  I’ll try to oblige…

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