Fashion recruitment, videodoodles and meeting the Dalai Lama

As much as I would have loved to meet him, it wasn’t me who met the Dalai Lama this week.  My friend saw him when he visited Cambridge and he wished her peace.  This reminded me of my trip to the Tibetan Monastery with Maz, where, again, I didn’t meet him.  His Holiness promotes values such as forgiveness, tolerance and contentment.  Well, we all want happiness and a world free from suffering so I can relate to most of that, but I’m probably destined never to meet such an icon of forgiveness. It’s a shame because being unforgiving is definitely one of my biggest faults.

I really can’t understand the families of victims who publicly forgive murderers, rapists, terrorists…  I completely get that these people have to establish a way to stop the anger and pain eating away at them and ruining more lives, but I personally can’t imagine it.  I don’t want to get into that here, but moving on and rebuilding lives can surely stem from finding new challenges to focus on, or calming techniques such as meditation to create an inner peace.  (Actually I do forgive – but I never forget…)

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Fashions the Dalai Lama might like

Something else I haven’t forgotten is the joy of changing people’s lives for the better.  I’ve mentioned before how I love introducing people who can help each other in business and it’s one of the wonderful things about networking.  In a way, it’s a bit like my days working in recruitment (five years, actually): matching up people who can benefit each other, selecting a trusted contact to meet someone else’s needs.  So my mind started whirling when I visited an independent fashion company recently at Oxford Circus to help them devise a social media marketing plan, and we decided it would be beneficial for them to recruit someone to handle the social media, blogging, photography and website uploads on a daily basis.

Recruitment can be a costly business, but of course I knew someone to introduce!  A few months ago a young girl contacted me on-line to read through and comment on her dissertation proposal, so I emailed to see if she’d be interested in this position.  She was – and, to cut to the chase, they’ve employed her!!  I received the most gorgeous flowers on Saturday as a thank you, and now I’m looking forward to a lovely working relationship with the fashion team as we create and maximise their social media presence.

Also, during this busy week, I had a lot of fun working with a fantastic designer named Andy A to create two videodoodles – one for social media and the other for plain English.  They’ll be on my website soon, but you can see them now on YouTube – I’d love to know what you think!!  Warning, the music will either get on your nerves or make you so cheerful you’ll get on everyone else’s nerves.

“They took the credit for your second symphony, rewritten by machine and new technology.  And now I understand the problems you can see.”  If you’ve got problems in your business, particularly with your social media marketing, planning or communications, I definitely do understand!  Get in touch for a chat – by phone or here: @WeekendWitch.


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