Facebook fan pages, being naughty and giving in to happiness

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!! Happy spring!!!  I finally set up a Facebook fan page!  Had a fantastic response to my email about one-on-one social media training:  setting up profiles, learning ways to attract viable contacts, genuine followers and purposeful likes.  The sessions are just two hours, long enough to set up small businesses on five social media platforms and understand the importance of activities like commenting in groups and gaining written recommendations, but short enough that they don’t get fed up of me smiling at them across their desk.  Problem was, I advertised this without having a Facebook page myself! I had actively avoided it, choosing to keep that platform for fun with my friends – you know some of them: Sue, Deedub, Cake Lady, naked scrabble buddy.  But Google uses it in its rankings and, as my mum always says, practice what you preach…  (Or is that do as I say, not as I do?) So anyway, I have one now.  Please like it (but not until you’ve finished reading to the bottom of this page, of course): The links on the left hand side of this page 🙂

I actually caused a bit of consternation on Facebook this week when I announced my new mantra: “Pleasure is everything… give in to happiness… reject propriety, embrace variety… prudence is sooo 1658… life is fleeting, clasp it hard with both hands… seek delight… trust your impulses… ordinary is pointless… break free.”  If you’re thinking this must be one of the lovely intonations learned from my meditation class, you would be wrong.  It is in fact printed on the bottom of a Gü mango and passion fruit triple cheesecake box that I bought in Sainsburys!!   And I admit that I did secretly eat all three of them, which I know was very naughty. But isn’t it true?  Life is so transient that we definitely should grab out greedily for the fun things! It really should be about pleasure and happiness; coulda shoulda woulda won’t make us happy when we’re old.  My Twitter profile states that I regret nothing – and it’s true. To a certain extent anyway.  We won’t mention Kingswood Road, even though Gill is now getting excited at the prospect of me shamefully – or shamelessly (?! ) divulging tales that really need to lie long since buried.  But regret can be all-consuming and should be avoided at all costs. 


Although one thing I do actually regret a teeny bit is that I never learned to play the guitar I’ve had since I was ten years old.  Ben was self-taught to grade 8 in two years, so clearly music is in my blood…  We spent ages the other day listening to beautiful ballads together and he can just pick up the instrument and play them.  This is one we did together – he with new guitar, me with tambourine, Stevie Nicks-style pink ribbons flying.  Oliver and I disagree on who sings the better version, I like Charlene Soraia, he prefers The Calling:  “If I could, then I would, I’ll go wherever you will go, way up high, or down low, I’ll go wherever you will go.” Will you go wherever I go?  Let’s see… follow me here: @WeekendWitch and leave a comment below…

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