Effective social media training, dynamic London and firing up bagels at midnight

You asked and I listened. Small businesses that weren’t in a position to invest in one-to-one training asked if I could run group sessions in London, so I said yes! And now February’s session: “Social Media for Business – all you need to know to get up and running” is SOLD OUT!

The next available session is on March 26th and will explain how social media is a powerful marketing tool to help you grow your business. It’s a busy day full of comprehensive and practical instruction to set you up on, and show you how to make the most of, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Pinterest.

It will be on the 12th floor of a state-of-the-art training suite overlooking Hyde Park, with fabulous views across London. Lunch is included, so we’ll get to spend the whole day together!! And you can get your early bird ticket now right here:

Eventbrite - Social Media for Business

So come along if you want to raise your business profile across the Internet, improve your branding, target more clients and understand how to use social media in a way that’s effective and time-efficient.

If you haven’t visited London for a while, this ever dynamic city will have no doubt changed since you were last here. To illustrate this, we dropped in to the Brick Lane Bakery around midnight on Saturday night for smoked salmon and cream cheese beigals. (Yes, that’s the correct English spelling – bagels is American!) In the eighties, we’d all meet there on our way home from clubs – at 3am it was a regular haunt and one if the few all night coffee bars in east London. Everyone who was anyone would be there, munching their way through traditional apple strudel and making dates for Sunday night.

But my association with Whitechapel goes much further back. As a child, I’d spend Saturday nights sitting on the driver’s armrest of my dad’s black cab, whizzing around London picking up fares and pocketing the tips. It was allowed in those carefree, pre- seatbelt days. I loved it! We met some real characters and I was introduced to the eclectic city architecture and extremes of wealth – or not – from the inside of an iconic London taxi.

Those trips always ended with a stop at Brick Lane and a chunk of cheesecake. Back then, the area was a slum: run down, crime ridden and filthy. Now it’s a cosmopolitan haven of international cuisine, coffee lounges, fairy-lit trees and colourful street art.

But I’ll always remember it the old way, when the beigal makers would take me to the back of the shop to watch the little doughy rings making their way along the conveyor belt towards the boiling vat, before being shoved steaming into the furnace. It was the highlight of my week!

The last time I remember my dad taking me there was a night when something weird had happened in the regular Carnaby Street pub and I’d left alone, having missed the last train. So I’d called my dad (from a red phone box – our means of communication pre-mobile days) and he whooshed up in his cab and whisked me off to grab some food, then we glided around the glittering town until the sun came up.

Funny to think that was a quarter of century ago, when social media didn’t exist. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – not even dreamed about – their creators barely born, never mind the ideas. How our lives have changed. If you would like to see greater change, and learn how to maximise your social media presence, improving your SEO and reinforcing your company branding, click here now:

Eventbrite - Social Media for Business

This was playing on the radio as we drove home on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure it was on the radio when we stopped off for Beigals after a night at Studio Valbonne in the eighties: ‘Sometimes you get a thing for me and you want my company, yes, you do, baby… So I drive for miles to be where you are.’ I’ll be driving to the B&F Hyde Park Executive on March 26th – meet me there?


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