Computer crashes, Pinterest and all things purple

Do you like my new logo?  My extremely talented friend and colleague Gordon created it and yes, he did base it on me.  Surprisingly more people have commented on the cupcakes than the witches’ hat!  It always makes me laugh how a ‘wet paint’ sign encourages people to drape their fingers across the wall or sit on the bench.  I’ve never done that but I know a man who has…  However, just like the red rag fable, when something odd popped up on Facebook last week I mindlessly clicked it… and seconds later watched frozen as my laptop screen melted away.How stupid can one person be, you’re probably thinking?  (David – don’t answer!)  Well, stupid enough that the following day the exact same thing happened to my pink laptop – the one I keep by my bed.  Fortunately I managed to retrieve most of my stuff, with a little help from the nice man on the end of a very long phone call. Thank heavens for Dropbox – my work was safe. But sadly the first few chapters of my book have vanished into the netherworld along with some photos that probably belong there.

I have done stupid things before.  When Gordon said ‘the bathroom door is broken, don’t lock it,’ what did I do?  If you think that was dumb, I should tell you that Steven decided to rescue me that day – by climbing out of the bedroom window and clambering along a drainpipe, appearing at the window like the Milk Tray man but without the chocolates and minus a mobile phone! How lovely!! We were both trapped in the bathroom!!!  I won’t tell you what happened next, but it all ended abruptly when Gordon (luckily for us) popped round for a coffee and kicked the door down.  And now Gill’s going to email me to say I should also tell you about the time I got locked in the flat in Kingswood Road, but I’ll save that for another day.  After all, aren’t you supposed to be thinking I’m a sensible, mature, well balanced business woman…?

I had a really nice lunch this week in a frenetic Italian restaurant in Great Portland Street with lovely celebrity lawyer Robert who I usually only get to see once a year. It was so great to get a chance to spend time together in a different environment.  We’ve talked about networking before in this blog (was it last week? Sometimes time becomes a bit of a blur as it whizzes by…) and I’ll say it again – introductions are such a powerful way of building relationships and friendships.  Having said that, I do – of course – advocate social networking, and dynamic social media is becoming the lifeblood of many businesses today.  I know people who are reluctant to tweet and I’m gradually dragging them kicking and silently screaming into 2012, where companies are getting left behind if they don’t join in the party.  As part of a comprehensive social media strategy I’ve been advising clients to join Pinterest, the latest online sensation with graphical boards detailing their work and their lives.  Obviously for the photography studio and designers I’ve been working with, it offers a clear marketing edge.  For me, it’s quite simple – I just like it.  I probably don’t need it, and have few attractive pictures to add – especially since the computer crash – but I felt a bit like a fraud extolling the virtues of a platform I hadn’t danced on.  So I reached out for something new and I’m now the proud owner of on-line boards of books I’ve read, music I love, purple things… (Random, I know!) 

And the purple thing you already know I love… (rain!) “Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing, it’s time we all reach out for something new – that means you too!! You say you want to be a leader…” 

So whether you’re leading or you want to follow, reach out for me.  I’m here, as always: @WeekendWitch

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