Client recommendations, new LinkedIn contacts and Amazon’s top 12

I love introducing people and recommending brilliant services, so was very happy last week to pass on a project to a web designer friend who recently gave me some nice copywriting work.  It’s great to create words to help people get their message out there and see them start to make money from on-line sales.  Effective communication is everything.  So when a well known London business college asked me to design a web site which was more high tech and specialised than the WordPress sites I have done previously, I happily put them in touch with Dave, and now everyone is smiling.

I was also smiling this week following a chat with my newest friend on LinkedIn – he was an eighties model and starred in some girl magazines.  (I don’t mean thatsort of magazine, I’m talking about teenage photo-love-stories – what sort of friends do you think I have?!!) 

You didn't think I would post the 18-30 pics, did you...?

He found me through a shared LinkedIn group, and wrote me a fantastic recommendation, waxing lyrical about my blogging.  I now owe him a glass of wine – more networking, of course.  He’s bringing his model mags and I’m bringing the 18-30s brochure that Gill and I starred in…  I see tears of laughter ahead – the joys of social media!

Other people seem to like the blogs too, and my book is doing so well it’s currently ranked in the top 12% of Amazon’s bestselling list!!  (#47,039/400,000 – well, it’s a start…!!)  It should hopefully be in the iStore this week, but while we’re waiting you can find it at Smashwords.  I’ve had a couple of decent reviews on Amazon, and an email through my website that someone was hysterically laughing, reading it on her commute to work and picturing me grabbing a stranger’s willy on the train.  (Don’t we all have those days??)

Quite a few people at last night’s party told me they’d downloaded it too – I can’t see who has bought it, I just get a daily total sales figure, so thank you very much to everyone who has bought it this week.  Also a huge thank you to Trance band Zirenz for promoting it through VMM, their online music magazine, in December – their stuff is fab; if you didn’t Google them last time I suggested it, try now – you can’t not love it.

The party music at Eight Moorgate was fantastic too.  The private members’ club with its clustered sofas and spacious terrace overlooking the city lights was the perfect setting for Francesca and Josh’s engagement.  Peach bellinis flowed all night and we danced way too late into the morning. Happy engagement you two!!  Like a fool I went and stayed too long, now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong… Ooh, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!  Or I could be… Here I am, as always: @WeekendWitch.

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