Chucking drinks and men losing their balls…

Encouraged by your lovely comments (thank you!), I decided to post quickly tonight before setting off on holiday tomorrow.  Two issues have dominated since I last wrote: Christmas and travel, and the ensuing (gentle) rant loosely covers both.  On a week when the Christmas dinner has been ordered (hurrah for M&S), sparkling lights checked,  and red satin and white marabou feathered lingerie bought and stashed away in the secret drawer – and a seven hour train journey looms, I was horrified to read that Thomas the Tank Engine has been given one of those crazy and – I think – offensive rewrites! Yes, the politically-no-idea-of-correctness diversity do-gooders have busied themselves again and it’s Goodbye to Christmas in Sodor! All mention of traditional festivities are eradicated and ‘special trees’ and ‘winter holidays’ are introduced.  I really can’t stand this insidious cultural erosion and I have plenty to say but would likely end up going way off (train?) track and get myself into trouble again.  So tell me if you agree that it’s outrageous?!  I daren’t make radical statements in a web site blog but I’d be very interested to know what you think…? This is too much…  Too much!!!  The three musical Wallen boys all slept in a hand-crafted Thomas bed so I take this personally… (So does Bro-Lo!) Yet another example of forced compromise. Incidentally, I haven’t had a political ‘situation’ since that time when the less-than-charming Jeffrey Archer’s bodyguards removed me from the premises before I got a chance to throw my drink at him. (Why don’t people believe I do that?)

Well that’s the end of my moaning… Advice for the men now – and this is a true story.  Someone I know took his car to the garage to have the exhaust checked because it was making terrible noises. When he arrived to pick it up mechanics were smiling… They’d retrieved 20 golf balls that had fallen down in to where the spare wheel is kept, and they were rattling around every time he broke or went round a corner!!!  This made me laugh a lot. If there’s a moral to this tale it’s surely to be careful where you leave your balls – especially if you have a spare tyre! By the way, I’m not allowed to mention his name but if you think you know who it is, email, tweet or leave a note on the Facebook link.  There may be a prize… I’ll be in a remote Scottish hideaway next week with no Internet, no blog and possibly no running water.  Back before Halloween.  Obviously.

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