Chaos theory, Cast of 40,000 and flying too high

I hadn’t really got caught up in Olympic fever, which is weird as I live just five miles from the Olympic Park and am surrounded by fanatics wrapped permanently in Union Jack flags.  My idea of a good sporting event involves walking quickly from the car to the cake shop, so I was honestly amazed at how much I enjoyed watching the fun on the giant screens in Hyde Park on Friday.  It sure beat editing legal documents into plain English.  In between dancing in the sunshine to Amy Macdonald, Dodgy and Cast, 40,000 people cheered Team GB towards gold – so I’m pretty sure my voice was heard!  I have to say, the concert was really well organised, nowhere near the chaos we’d expected.

Are you familiar with Chaos theory?  Deedub probably is; he knows a lot of random stuff.  It dictates that if you can see through the craziness, patterns emerge and the chaos begins to make sense. It starts with a tiny dynamic change that impacts across space and time – you might know it as the butterfly effect.  Well, through a haze of 40,000 bodies waving arms and trailing bunting, the crowd suddenly parted in a semblance of order and I saw my boyfriend from a lifetime ago, smiling and holding out his arms to me.  I’m skipping to the end now (sorry to those of you hoping for a juicy story!), and that involves a possible forthcoming holiday to a beautiful French chateau.

That was my second holiday invitation this week… Wednesday’s flight on the London Eye with the lovely cousin from Vegas was such fun! Thank heavens for Facebook or we would never have met – the true magic of social media!!  It turns out he’s not nearly as crazy as I’d been led to believe; there’s a little bit of craziness in all of us of course, more evident in some than others…  So I may very well take him up on his kind invitation to spend a month in Sin City.  (Stephen, it was so great to meet you and sorry about the naughty photo…)  Anyway, following on from my Olympic theme:  from 135m high, with London spread out in all its glory, the Olympic stadium at Horse Guards Parade stands out a gorgeous purple splodge on the landscape.  It’s really quite amazing and regally patriotic; if you get a chance to visit you won’t be disappointed.  And if you don’t believe me you should see me when I’m ready to roar!  (I can hear you thinking ‘What??’)  But as they say, Anonymous, autonomous, will likely get the best of us yet…  You run too fast… Fly too high…  I’m running, I’m flying… follow me?  @WeekendWitch

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  1. Yes cousin!!! Was wonderful to meet you too 🙂
    But who’s the crazier one????

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