Broomsticks, balloons and too much Baileys…

Of course I had to write today.  You’d be amazed at how many people have asked if I’m really a witch and, believe it or not, what I do for the rest of the week!!  In fact my grandmother was a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter so I come from a very spiritual family, but that’s the only reference I can make to anything regarding spiritualism, reincarnation or casting spells without Steven screaming loud enough to raise any dead who are not voluntarily walking tonight.  My beliefs are apparently not conducive to ‘boosting my credibility’ and ‘marketing a successful business where clients need to think I’m not totally bonkers.’  Actually I don’t agree that it’s relevant, as I do a good job, create an effective learning environment and provide sound value for money. I don’t discuss ghostly, supernatural or sorcery issues any more than I’d disclose my political or religious views – and I never offer anything like healing at first meetings in just the same way that I’d never plonk a Von Daniken book on the desk and expect people to mumble agreeable noises.  So yes, I suppose I can claim to be a bit witchy in secret (but much less so since I cut my hair).  Anyway, that all has nothing to do with my fixation with Victorian graveyards, which isn’t weird, whatever Bro-Lo thinks.  And I saw some fantastic ones in Scotland last week.  Marion’s cottage is ancient and the village churchyard houses the graves of many people who died in the very same room in which I slept. I have photos; some people think that’s a bit creepy.

It was a lovely week.  We spent our days in enchanted places – a Tibetan monastery, 12th century abbey ruins – very beautiful, very mystical.  We spent our nights in hysterical laughter with red wine, a huge bottle of hazelnut Baileys and conversations about things far too unmentionable to tell you!  Our shared memories go back nearly 30 years, so a week barely touches the surface of the stories I could relate about a job where we smothered unsuspecting strangers in foam, encased colleagues in giant, soapy, green bubbles, accosted celebrities and bartered with people who wanted to snog in our balloon box.  Obviously we’re both sworn to mutual secrecy, but I might accidentally let some things slip, especially if I have that Baileys again…  Probably have to run them by Gill first to check whether they even sound believable now – as we crossed centuries I suspect the edges between memory and reality might have blurred a bit.  Still, everything will be clearer once I get my witch’s hat on! Broomstick’s dusted, lanterns are lit and pumpkin soup is bubbling nicely in the cauldron. Time to reach for the stars…

Had planned to close today with some lyrics recommended by one of my LinkedIn people: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ ‘I put a spell on you.’ (Thanks anyway!) But friends think this line is more appropriate: ‘Dark Lady laughed and danced and lit the candles one by one…’  There’s a prize if you email or tweet me with the artist’s name (without Googling!!)  Please leave your comments below, and have a magical day!

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