Beating the Monday blues

New day, new week, new excitement… Or not?

Hello Monday morning! The alarm’s buzzing or radio’s blaring but you just want to hit the snooze button and snuggle back under the duvet. What does the day ahead hold for you? An important report that you promised would be ready this morning but you forgot to begin? A meeting with your critical and argumentative boss? Tedious stats to collate? Stress because you didn’t do everything you meant to do at the weekend? A mad dash to get to the office on time? Need a tablet for that headache?

Sounds like you’ve got the Monday morning blues!

This one-hour workshop looks at ways to beat them:

  • The Monday mindset
  • Getting ready on Friday…
  • … to cope better on Monday
  • and have a super start to the week
  • Organising your time…
  • …so you can enjoy a stress-free weekend



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