A writer’s retreat, Richard & Judy and Holborn: a magical nightmare

For some time now I’ve talked about writing my book.  As my tiny mind has wandered around future dreams and possibilities, I’ve considered how to wave a copy of the eventually completed script under the noses of Richard and Judy.  Their famous book club launches new authors and places contemporary novels in thousands of bookstores throughout the world, so getting their approval would be quite something.

I’d been thinking this just the other evening, so how excited was I to be enjoying a delicious lunch in the private members’ club at The Ivy, only to have Richard and Judy walk in and sit at the next table?!  Timing is everything, we all know that.  We also know that opportunity is not to be missed.  So did I grab that opportunity?  Did I tell them about my story, still in its infancy?  Did I? Did I???

No, I didn’t.  There is a time and place for everything, and while they were in a place where they’d paid for the privilege of not being disturbed by celebrity stalkers or wannabe authors, tucking into their double cheese soufflé (I also had that!) and Cornish crab hors d’oeuvres, that wasn’t it. (I put it on Facebook, obviously.)

It has inspired me to get a move on though, so I’ve booked a beautiful cottage by the sea for later this month to spend a week writing.  Or walking…  Or curled up alone eating chocolates…  It’s a perfect writer’s retreat and I can’t wait to pack up my laptop and head off.  Have to be patient though; this week there are blogs to write, tweets to tweet and training sessions to deliver: Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Holborn.

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As if by magic… (Who remembers that?)

I found myself in Holborn three times last week – my trip to The Ivy being one of them. The weird thing was, I also found some ‘lost’ people.  Not tourists; I mean people I hadn’t seen for ages but had coincidentally been thinking about only the day before.  Just like with Richard and Judy!  Suddenly, as if by magic, these long-seen, recently remembered people mysteriously appeared in front of me.  Holborn is like a portal to a parallel universe where missing – or missed – people suddenly turn up, from thought to reality.

Firstly, I’d been looking at some old photos and wondering what happened to the young boy who I used to drop home from school.  The following day, as I was heading to Holborn station on my way home from the Fortune Theatre, I literally bumped into him.  He’s training to be an architect now, a career I would love – and might consider pursuing if I didn’t also love social media training.

Then, the next day as I wandered along Southampton Row by my favourite bookshop, I heard my former meditation teacher call my name.  She’s not on social media, so we decided it was the universe speaking when I told her I’d been thinking about her.  I’d been a bit lapse in my daily meditation of late and in need of a motivational boost.  So now I’ll take my moon shaped cushion to the cottage and return a calmer, more serene version of me.  Or I’ll use it to balance my Green & Black’s…

Have to say though, despite its seemingly magical powers, Holborn’s a nightmare since Tottenham Court Road tube station closed.  Crossrail will be fantastic, but for now it’s too bizzy wizzy for me.  That cottage by the sea is looking more and more appealing…

Former Tourist, Annie Lennox (or Lenny Hannox, as someone I know recently called her) said: ‘Sweet dreams are made of this; who I am I to disagree?  We travel the world and the seven seas – everybody’s looking for something.’  Well, I can tell you, if you’re looking for something or someone, you might well find it/them around Holborn!!  And if you’re looking for me, here I am: @WeekendWitch.

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