A social media party, gardens and a lamborghini

So I took Ben to a party at a fashion photography studio, where his first musical hero was DJing.  Ian Watkins is the lead singer of Lost Prophets and he’s pretty gorgeous.  Ben wasn’t interested in that, but loves his music, so we danced and drank as he played lots of stuff – some that I didn’t recognise, some that I (secretly) didn’t like, and Groove is in the Heart – that Steve hates but I love, for so many reasons.  The studio is one of my social media clients and I’d only ever been there during the hubbub of fashion shoots and normal day-to-day chaos. The place is usually pure white, but for the party an indoor garden had been installed – fresh turf and tropical plants beautifully laid out below the glass skylights of a grey industrial estate in South London.

After a month of fine dining, it was quite a pleasure to be greeted with hot dogs, candyfloss and popcorn.   Dogs aside, that was more in line with my staple diet.  Ben seemed surprised that I go to parties with bouncy castles and absinthe – the castle stood purple and proud by the garden, at the far end of the studio from the tattoo artist.  What with the fantastic Zandra Rhodes sharing the cupcakes and the superhero music man, Ben admitted to being a little impressed with my work-related nights out. 

Following that evening of rosé and pear cider, I was in a bit of trouble for getting happy a couple of days later with the Pimms at Dan and Dina’s lovely wedding.   I blame Deedub.  Not that he has a drink problem – if for no other reason than recently losing 20lbs and being all pleased with his slimline look.  The wedding was gorgeous – under a canopy of flowers beneath a blue sky, a beautiful bride and an awful lot of smiling faces: picture perfect!  Our thanks to our newly-acquired cousins for such a super day.  My thanks also to Mel for loaning me the fab dress!  Mel… No boobs popped out this time, but I may not be able to get away with the thigh-high splits for much longer…  Our old friend Andy was the drummer in the wedding band, and it was good to catch up and reminisce about dinners overlooking rugged Cornish bays near Pollywinkie.

And speaking of all things Cornish and musicians,,, if you didn’t catch my mega-talented nephew playing in Camden Town this week, here’s a link to his video.  We had such fun at the Wheelbarrow, come up to London again soon Jack!!

It was late both days when we travelled back to Essex – yes, I am as much an Essex girl as a London one, I just don’t often mention it.  So it’s fitting, really, that I picked up my new shiny white car on Saturday.   Nothing to do with cars, but it’s on my mind: “I’ve been told he can’t be sold, he’s not vicious or malicious… Just dee-lovely and delicious! I couldn’t ask for another… ” Anyway, you might see me nipping around town this week with Meatloaf playing just a bit too loudly.  If you do, feel free to follow… @WeekendWitch

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